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John of god and the Casa de Dom Inacio

John of god, has being convicted of sexual assault charges. More charges to come! Entities/Reptilians/Greys clearly seen manifesting paranormal around him. Jog possessed by Reptilians and Darkness?

These are the latest news articles on Jog as of July 2023

‘John of God’ Is Sentenced To Additional 99 Years
Brazil spiritual healer sentenced to 19 years for four rapes
Faith healer with millions of followers ran a “sex slave farm and sold babies to highest bidder”
Security Alert – United States Mission to Brazil (December 14, 2018)
IF YOU WENT TO, OR RECEIVED HEALING FROM Jog, THEN IT IS CRUCIAL TO BE FREED FROM THE ENTITIES/REPTILIANS/GREYS WORKING THROUGH HIM. They still have a hold on you, just by virtue of you asking for healing, that gave them permission to bind to you thousands and thousands of Soul Contracts. You are their property until you are released and freed. Even in future lifetimes, it will follow you to all future lifetimes. Not good!

December 2019: Such is the devotion of his followers and the corrupted money hungry guides, and so corrupted is their thinking that the Casa is still offering Distance Healing sessions from Photographs. I predict that another human will be trained to replace Jog so the entities can take him or her over. The entities need a human to work through to bypass the free will requirement that God, the REAL GOD of ALL THAT IS, has put in place on this planet. Another Human will eagerly jump in to be special now that Jog is in jail and no longer serves them in his jail cell. Be careful on all counts, Darkness does healing too, and often times just as miraculously as the Light!

I WROTE THE FOLLOWING BACK IN 2014. It is good all around information that applies more than ever!

Feeling Worse After Seeing or Asking for Help from John of god.

If you found this page by search engine then you are looking for answers and solutions on why you are feeling worse after seeing or asking for help from John of god. You are not alone.

It helps to understand what is going on here if you have read my previous pages on Working with Dark Energies and Working with Light Energies.

This is something I had to deal with in myself too, and I believe we all have to do this journey at some point or another. Over time I had to deal with my own contaminations by many Dark Beings and Entities, most intensely from 2003 to 2006. Becoming free of them was a big part of my life. Challenges included the elohim (small e) and the Annunaki Aliens, and then the Lords of Karma. Then after seeing J.o.g in Toronto in January 2013 I found that I suddenly had Reptilian Alien contamination: vows, oaths, agreements, contracts, and implants, committees and councils, and they were trying to make me subject to them.

Since then I have found that the people I know who also went to J.o.g also had Reptilian issues!

This is in the realm of personal experience and is not quantifiable fact, so I offer no proof of mine or others experiences. Since you searched for this page it must be clear to you as well that something non benevolent happened to you. For any Jog lawyers reading this I declare unequivocally that this is my opinion only and not fact.

It is my belief that Medium Joao is unknowingly or knowingly working with Reptilian Energy, and the Entity working through him who goes by the name John of god is a Reptilian Alien. Jog may better be described as John of the Reptilians.

It is normal for entities and Dark Beings to take on names that confuse and mislead us Humans, they are called “tricksters” for very good reason. We Humans also capitalize instinctively, especially things that we think are Deity. Is the entity called John of god, a real god or working with God in which case capital G applies, or is he a trickster in which the name he chose for himself would be with a small g. As you can see I use the small g when referring to him (small h in “him” too), as it is my belief that he is a trickster.

I learned this the hard way when I thought I was working with the Elohim (Capital E), the highest levels of the Angelic Realms, and was more than put out when I found out that I was in fact working with the elohim (small e), who were Dark Beings pretending to be of the Angelic Realm. Capitalization affects our understanding and for that reason it is important. The elohim (small e) were not willing to go easily so I had to enlist help from other uncontaminated healers to be free of them.

And this is basically the experience you are now undergoing. You very likely became contaminated by Reptilian Implants, Vows, Oaths, Agreements, and Contracts, committees and councils, just as I once did. I am now free of these things and as a clear healer I can help you to also become free. It is important to realize that only a healer who is himself or herself free can free you, it is obvious of course but many times we don’t think of the obvious.

It is possible to get contaminated by Reptilian stuff from many sources, including past lives, and I believe medium Joao/Jog is not the only one working with or through them. I believe many many healers are working with Reptilian healing, they just don’t know it. Always try to remember that we are on a planet of duality, and our separation from God issues essentially forced us to all start off on the Dark side of things, and we are now all working our way to the Light. This means we all had or have issues with the Darkness which we all had or have to clear on our journey back to the Light.

All of this does not make anyone working with Reptilian Energy and Healing a bad person, it is just a step on our evolution, and as part of our evolution we also become free of all Darkness and Dark energies.

I have heard from people who’s lives have been overwhelmed by pain and hardship since their contact with Jog. I believe that those people are at a place in their evolution where being bound by Reptilian and other Dark energies is not in harmony with their Soul purpose… instead of absorbing those Dark energies peacefully their Souls and Bodies fight back and try to prevent it from happening. These people are literally fighting for their own freedom, and that is why they are under such psychic attacks, challenges, pain and suffering.

I do acknowledge that Jog (the entity) really does let his truth be known if we are willing to just see… he is described as an entity apparently by his own instructions. The whole organization is clear that it is entities that are doing the work. “The entity known as John of god” is how he is described. It is the Humans who have interpreted that or fell for the belief that he/they are of the Light, so we can only blame ourselves if we refuse to see what is in front of us (and I fell for this too).

The Dark Does Healing Too

Hard as it may be to believe but the Dark Entities are fully capable of doing healing too. It is a dangerous assumption to believe that healing only comes from the Light. The Dark has their own agenda which is to prevent your spiritual growth and that is the main reason why they do this… to make sure you are bound tight by invisible Contracts, Implants, Vows, Oaths, Allegiances, being on your committees and councils, and anything else they can get away with in return for the healing. By consenting to the Healing you also consented to all the rest.

I had to learn this through experience, no one taught it to me, so it is no surprise to me that this may be news to a lot of people. The Dark does healing that in some cases can be considered miraculous! As mentioned they do this for the access to your Soul that it gives them and in many cases the healing is real and effective.

I believe the lack of general knowledge that the Dark does healing too is the #1 reason that they have gotten away with tricking people for so long. People so want to believe it is the real God or a Being in alignment with the real God actually doing the healing!!!!!!! So they give healers an automatic pass and assume they are working with the Light.

This is only my humble opinion but I think this is also the reason that people shrug off or discard all the horror stories that have been coming out of the John of god Casa for years… they say to themselves “well… see the healing that is taking place, so he must be working with God!” And then they turn a blind eye to the horrors, and even continue to take tours of people to see Jog, so convinced are they that they are helping in the real God’s work that they block out the Dark truth that is right before their eyes.

The DARK DOES HEALING! Healing is NOT an indicator whatsoever of working with or oneness with the real God. Get used to that idea please, it will save you much grief over the long term.

How Consent Happens

Consent is the process of giving permission to Jog/Reptilians to have access and control of your existence. Your real guides and Angels can protect you up to and until that moment when you give consent to Jog to do as he wills. At that moment your guides stand back and watch. They will still try to reach through to you to give you insights of what is actually taking place, but they do have to respect your freewill decisions.

Consent happens in several ways. The first is by entering the Casa. At that moment you walk into the Casa’s energy field which is unique unto itself. Look at it as a big dome similar to a small country with its own rules and laws.

Another way of consenting is by offering your right hand to Jog when you walk up to him. This action is intentional as it conveys all sorts of consents, subjugation, contracts, and even ownership. This is done by your own freewill choice and your guides will abide by that choice. See this as the same as going to a lawyers office and signing all sorts of documents.

You also consent and build the strength of the consent by drinking the vibrational water, and by ingesting the herbs. This gives many days of consent, during which your guides will again watch.

Having either yourself or someone send your photograph to Jog is a much weaker form of consent, and is the easiest to be freed from.

Praying The Our Father And Ave Maria

Those who have been to the Casa know that the Our Father and Ave Maria are said constantly. For many this is very comforting and is evidence that Jog is working with God (the real God). This and the white clothing give the appearance of working with the light. However, this is not the case because as part of the consent process in which you etherically signed those contracts and agreements you also signed a clause that said that anytime you said the Our Father and Ave Maria that it was the Jog linked versions you were saying and not the Bible version. The prayers do not become evil, the prayers are simply rendered ineffective. My apologies to those whom this knowledge angers, I respect and work with the real God and Jesus Christ, and it offends me too to have these most sacred prayers interfered with by Jog/Reptilians.

Being Invited To The Casa

The Entity known as John of god invites light workers to the Casa in Brazil fairly regularly. He has made this offer to several people I know, and more people whose stories I have heard about. Several people have told me that when he makes this offer he mentions that their energy will be used by Jog for his needs. These people who told me this were under the impression that he can take what he wants when he wants. Thankfully most of them chose not to go to the Casa for this supposed honour. It is flattering to have Jog personally invite someone to the Casa from the perspective of him being a Light Being, but it is something else entirely if the invite is from Jog the Reptilian Entity desiring to take your energy.

Healing Associated With John of god.

Healers of Love and Light in the best of intentions go to the Casa for healing themselves and are then told that the healing that they do from that point on are now associated with John of god, meaning that John of god will be working through them. This can be an exciting development for most healers as who wouldn’t want to have powerful help in healing people. The sad truth from my experience and all the healers that I have helped so far is that new contracts binding the healer to John of god and his entities have been installed. As the entities themselves are Reptilians, this becomes a sad development as the contracts are now with the Reptilians. These are not Light Beings.

These increased healing abilities are the same as receiving a healing activation… where upon you suddenly and spontaneously receive greater healing abilities without having done anything yourself to earn them. 

John of god’s rules for healing. How real are they?

So many rules, so hard to follow them all! In a nutshell I believe they are not of the Light.

Humans apparently love rules, so many of those are likely just Human created rules that seemed “right” to impose. On the other hand the Dark Entities know that the more they can get you to modify your behaviour the more you fall into line with their energies and controls.

No sex for 40 days, no reading or using a computer for 40 days to protect your eyes, no pork and pepper, not being able to cross your legs while in the “energy”, and so many other rules are pure nonsense with no basis in anything to do with healing. Do you really think your aura can be damaged by pepper? They are great ways to control your behaviour though. Interesting that you find out about most of these rules AFTER you have had your “intervention”.

The stitches issue may be real in that these entities do surgical work on people and the incisions are real. However to me this is another clear indicator of the limitations of these entities doing the work. The Light does not have these limitations, once you are healed you are healed, no time needed for incisions to heal and stitches to come out. Can you imagine Jesus or God or Archangels using stitches?

These rules are a handy way to make you think you are at fault if the healing doesn’t work as chances are good that most people will have sex during the 40 days, and will read something during the 40 days, and so on with all the other rules.

Were you told that if you were feeling tired or drained while being in the entities energy, that it is because you are giving energies back to the entities as a way of “giving back” in compensation for the healing you are receiving? Apparently this is what is being told at the Casa to people attending who mention the drained feeling to helpers. This is a huge red flag for me!!! Really think about this: This means that the entities ie. Jog is needing to drain some people to help other people or to sustain himself. This clearly means that jog is not working with universal Source energy, like Love. God’s White Light is unlimited and never ends, Love Energy is everywhere all the time. Lightworkers have no need to take anyone’s energy because God provides for ALL THAT IS.

Where are the Words of Wisdom from John of god?

Medium Joao allows the entities total control of his entire body, including his vocal chords. Yet after 40 years of these entities working through him there is zero search results for Wisdom from John of god. In contrast the Light is always there with words of wisdom, words of encouragement and guidance. Do the Dark want to give you guidance to lead you back to the Light, evidently not.

The Internet contains web pages regarding sexual abuse allegations against Medium Joao/John of god. That may or may not be of interest to you to research. I offer no opinion other than to say that from my experience with clients affected by Negative Entities (unrelated to Jog), the negative does have a desire to do nasty sexual stuff to us, and including through us to others. Sexual activity is a very successful way to pass on Negative Energy contaminations of all sorts. People who have been to the Casa have told me that it is a common topic of discussion between the volunteers at the Casa. So this may be a very poorly kept secret.

Here is an interesting book a reader of this page sent me concerning Jog and the Reptilians. The Body Snatchers.
Part Two: In the time since writing the above I have had a lot of experience with freeing people from J.o.g, and the Reptilians, and I have worked with several independent healers who have confirmed the above with their own experiences. Recently we found that it was not enough to focus on the Reptilians, there are also Grey entities who are being attached to people through the J.o.g experience. 
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