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Disclaimer - Audwin Trapman

Although Audwin has seen amazing results, he cannot guarantee the results that will be achieved. Information or guidance provided by Audwin Trapman should not be seen as a promise of benefits or as a claim of a guaranteed cure. Audwin Trapman does not make any guarantees or warranties regarding the services that he provides.

Audwin Trapman is not a formally licenced, qualified healthcare professional. Audwin does not provide medical, psychological or other professional advice or treatment. He also does not provide a medical diagnosis or prescribe any treatment, medication or remedy. Audwin Trapman is an energy healer who renders services as set out on his website. These services are not regulated by any governmental entity and must not be seen as a substitute for physical or mental health services performed by a traditional health care provider. You are encouraged to seek the services of a professional health care provider if you believe that such services are warranted.
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