I have success where others have not succeeded!  I do believe that what I do is different than everyone else!


My intention is to help those people who know in their entire being that they want to get better, and are willing to work hand in hand with me to do just that!

This will require effort on your part! If YOU ARE READY then let’s get to it! It will be a privilege and a pleasure working with you to help, and heal, your life!

So decide if you are ready for change and healing! Don’t be a fence sitter, don’t let months and years go by! Commit and move forward to change your life! If not Now, then When? If now is not the time then I wish you the best, and eventually life will kick you hard enough to get you to a place where you are RED HOT for change! But why wait any longer?

Real healing for Anxiety and Stress, Lack of Sleep, Hardship, Family, Emotional Crisis, Karmic Suffering, Negativity, Black Magic, Spirit Attachments, Entity Attachments.

Distance and remote healing for anyone around the world

Distance is not a limitation.  Energy has no limits. No matter where you are you can receive the same healing as being in front of me.

  • Emotional Pain And Suffering
  • Anger And Resentment
  • Depression Or Anxiety
  • Compulsive Behaviour
  • Addictions
  • An Entity Or Entities Disturbing Your Life
  • Fears And Phobias
  • Tension And Stress In Your Life
  • Family Issues:  Yourself And Another Loved One, Child, Parents.
  • A Child Who Needs Help With Any Dysfunction Causing Them Stress.

How I work

I work with Divine Father, Christ Consciousness, Holy Spirit, and Angels, as my Spiritual Team, and with their guidance channel their energies through me to my clients.  I channel their energies every day for 4 weeks, to send lots and lots of healing energies to my clients! Often it takes a lot of energy to shift issues, so that is what I give to my clients, lots and lots of the best and highest energies possible.

What I do is go direct to the source of the issues, the root causes of why this is happening to you. This includes working with the Akashic Records where Karma is registered.

Audwin Trapman

This is in contrast to many healing modalities which require the practitioner to go through layers and layers of issues, much like peeling an onion. This is very time consuming and often it does not produce the desired result which is the removal of pain and suffering.

Divine Father, Christ Consciousness, Holy Spirit, and the Angels, are not burdened with the Veil of Humanity and can see clearly throughout the healing process. If you want a direct pathway to permanently resolving your issues or a loved ones issues, Divine Father, Christ Consciousness, and Holy Spirit, and the Angels and I will absolutely be able to help you.

I have a proven track record of very happy clients all over the world who have been very effectively healed of their challenges. As a result of the work I have done with them, they have been able to embrace their joy. The same is possible for you!