Energy Healing and Entity Clearing
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Audwin Trapman
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2024- 23 Years Experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to come see you?

This is not needed. I will send you energies across any distance, anywhere in the World, with the same effectiveness as if you were right in front of me.

Which energies do you work with? (I read your web page on this topic)

I work with Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is pure God Source Energy and is free of all contamination and Dark tricks. Holy Spirit is not burdened with the Veil of Humanity and can see clearly throughout the healing process.

When do you Send Energies?

I send energies daily, and often several times a day.  I do send you energies individually, and I also send energies to all clients at the same time as a group.  There is no fixed time, as the Angels guide me on when and how much.  I send energies at all hours.  Try not to focus on when and where, focus on the results you experience over the course of the 4 weeks.  

Will you let me know any details of what you are working on?

I try not to get involved in knowing the details of what is being worked on. During my early years as a healer I wanted to know everything that was going on. This tired me out by having to continually peel the “Human Onion”. I later discovered that this quest for information was limiting what could be healed. Holy Spirit and the Angels are able to work on issues without my having to understand or know what is going on. This enables far deeper and more profound healings than otherwise possible.

Do you see with Spiritual Sight?

I choose not to see with Spiritual Sight. I do a lot of entities work, Dark Forces, Demons, Aliens, and Reptilians, and some truly nasty Beings. I find that being open ruins the quality of my life as I would be seeing them everywhere all the time. I would not get any peace and quiet. They would use my sight against me to attack and harass. Many open healers who do entity work are tormented in this way.  This is usually when those healers chose to never do entities work ever again... it is also when they contact me for help, which I am happy to give.

Do you need anything from me?

It would help if you could tell me the top three issues for which you are seeking healing. It does help us get to where you want to go. Also on a personal level I am finding it increasingly beneficial to have brand new digital photos of my clients. Digital photos can be sent by email, and help me to focus and strengthen the energies and maintain a more compassionate relationship with my clients than just working with the name alone. Emailing me a digital photo or not is entirely your choice.

How can we stay in touch during this time?

Yes I would like you to let me know how you are doing by email every three days, or sooner if something comes up.  A one sentence observation is usually enough, are you getting better, worse, or no change. I would especially like to know if you are going through trying times related to the issues we are working on, so that I can focus on them as soon as possible. By the way the Angels working with me read the emails over my shoulder, so emailing me has multiple benefits.

What have people noticed during the healings?

The Angels and I try to cause as little discomfort as possible during the healings; however it is not uncommon for people to feel tired during the process.  If you do feel tired it is ok to take naps during the day as needed.  Often times people need to be asleep for specific healings to take place, so don't resist if you feel suddenly tired... it could be a prompt to nap.

Will I notice a big difference after my first 4 week session?

That is always my goal, and many clients have experienced major changes in their lives in the first 4 weeks.  Healings will happen each week of the 4 weeks, but it is the overall healing that 4 weeks gives you that has the longest benefits.  

There are also clients who have required multiple months of healing before they got to the place they wanted to be. The degree that you will receive healing is reflected by the degree of Soul resistance and/or entity resistance that needs to be overcome. The amount of energy sent will be a constant, the difference is how well it is taken in and accepted. 

Do you heal the root causes of why this is happening?

Yes absolutely! That is the only true way to have long term sustained healing. I work on the Soul and the Akashic Records, past lives, Karma, Ancestors... and many other issues that follow people lifetime to lifetime. For the healing to be long term it has to be beneficial for multiple lifetimes. Not just a few days, weeks or months.  The Soul is like a car driving down a dusty road, it needs a good wash every now and again from its multiple lifetimes.

What can I do to help?

I like this question because it recognizes that we are working on this together. I love the healing technique called Ho’oponopono for this reason; it is based on the truth that we are all responsible for what shows up in our lives. Anytime you feel anxiety or stress start doing Ho’oponopono until it passes. Another way to help is by speaking with your Angels daily and asking them to help you overcome all resistance that is preventing you from receiving healing or asking for help. You can specifically ask for Archangel Raphael to help in our work together. Angels need to be asked for help as they respect our Right to Free Will and will not intervene unless asked.
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