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Imagine that you are happy, and excited about life! Imagine that everywhere you look you see things to be Grateful for! Imagine how marvelous that would be!

I have posted several real life-changing exercises here in the Resources section. This exercise can change your life the fastest and give you results you can feel and enjoy!


Most people have not trained their brain. The result is that their brain just thinks about whatever it wants, whenever it wants, for as long as it wants.

The result is that many people are stuck in whatever mood they happen to be in, sometimes sad or depressed, and often for years at a time… and they wonder why they are not happy.

They key is to take charge of your brain. You decide what you are going to think about. You decide what emotions you are going to feel. Take charge! Stop believing that thoughts and emotions are things that just happen to you and you have to honor them and feel them even deeper, or to give them the space they need! Honoring these thoughts and emotions just locks you in to those thoughts and emotions long term.

The human brain loves drama. The default position is to look for things to be sad or unhappy about, or to complain about. We humans complain about everything. Complaining has replaced conversation for many people.

This is no way to be happy.

Gratitude is the way to be happy. Brain scans have shown conclusively that thinking Gratitude thoughts will cause your brain to change its chemical balance and actually rewire to happiness.


Find 10 things, or people, or events to be Grateful for each and every day.
Write each one down as soon as you find it. Do not wait until later to do it. Do it right then and there.
Each item has to be authentic and truly bring up a feeling of Gratitude in you.
Keep going for at least 30 days.


If you wait until the evening to write down all 10 of your items, then you will only feel gratitude for those 10 min, once a day.

If you write each one down as you become aware of it then the wonderful Gratitude feeling follows you throughout your day.



Your brain WAS in the habit of scanning your world for things to be unhappy about… By commanding your brain to find 10 real things each and every day to be grateful for, you cause your brain to search constantly for things to be grateful for. This will leave it no time to think unhappy thoughts, as it is now on a mission to find those 10 real items to be grateful for.

Over 30 days your brain becomes trained to find grateful items. It becomes its new normal.

Happiness comes naturally to you when you think of things that make you feel Grateful.

There will be no room for unhappy thoughts any longer.

Unhappy thoughts will actually become repulsive to you and you will quickly find a new reason to be grateful.


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