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Sex with Entities and Ghosts

Having Sex with entities and ghosts, why is this happening?

These entities and or ghosts have found ways to have control over you.  

1)  Likely they have spent years slowly working their way into your energy fields, and over that time, without you even realizing that it was ghosts and entities you were having sex with, you enjoyed the experience and went along with it.  Over time they gained more and more control and ability to stimulate you.  Over time it is likely that you started to see the truth that you are having sex with entities and ghosts, and started to resist and fight back... this is when you realized that you are no longer in charge of the experiences and can't simply shut it down.  

2)  It is also possible that the entities and ghosts forcefully started having sex with you right from the start.  Raping you, or sexually stimulating you, and nothing you can do has stopped them!

"Sex with entities", "sex with ghosts", are likely the search terms that led you to my website, you are not the only one using these search terms...  I can assure you this is happening to lots of people, you are not alone, and their is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Top 8 experiences people report with sex with entities and ghosts

It can happen rarely, even days between... or frequently, even many times a day and night.  For some people it never stops to the point of torture.
The ghost or entity energetically creates a penis to cause penetration.
Often you can feel the weight of the spirit as it lays down on you.
Women can lose control of their own orgasms, where they can force an orgasm on you anytime or anywhere.
It happens to both women and men.
Your life becomes very stressful as you experience this.  You can't tell anyone about it.
Some of these experiences are dark and horrible, and not meant for pleasure but for evil.
These spirits follow you everywhere you go.

Entities and Ghosts forcing you into Sexual Deviance

It is possible and even common, that sex entities and ghosts manipulate you or someone you love into behavior you or the person you love would not normally want to do.  They get you to act out their sexual tastes for them, as they can experience all the sensations of sex through you.  You are their puppet!

I get calls from Mothers on behalf of their teenagers, and adults first hand, who can tell that something is manipulating them into being sexually promiscuous, exhibitionists, sex addicts, and causing sexual deviance of all types. They can tell that these spirits are taking over the will power of their teenagers, or themselves, and forcing them into these situations. The sex act is whatever the spirit wants to experience, and whatever sexual tastes the entities have... is the the exact sexual experience being forced on the human.  The good news is that when the sex entities and ghosts are removed these urges for sexual deviance stops. This is a real problem out there. These spirits are taking over the lives of innocent people for their own deviance which they are acting out through the person.

While you are sleeping have you ever noticed noticed your hands having a life of their own?  They wander all over your body, and even play with you sexually?  It is only when you start to wake up that you notice this happening.  

Have you ever noticed your hands wandering over your sleeping partners body?  Sexually stimulating them in their sleep while you too are asleep?  Again waking up to find out that this is going on, with zero recollection that you were doing this... it just happens.  Having sex while asleep is also possible.  

These are the sex entities and ghosts using their control over you to satisfy themselves and their pleasures.  They seek to experience through you, and it is much easier to do this when you are asleep.

Signs of Promiscuous Sexual Entities

You have a strong irresistible urge to have sex or other compulsion.
You get a sense of perverse pleasure. Even feeling pleasure when you know in your heart that you should not be feeling pleasure at that time. Even when things are mean or abusive to others, or even yourself.
You get a sense of Power over other people. And this too has its pleasures.
You know that you can’t stop, and feel compelled.
Your sex drive, itch, is abnormally high… often high enough to make you seek out a constant supply of sexual partners, and a steady relationship is not enough to satisfy you.
You engage with strangers to have sex, use APP’s to hook up, and this is a frequent experience.
You have or are getting a reputation as promiscuous… those around you can see the signs.
You break rules or the law.
You feel shame after your days’ activities are finished.

Signs of Dominating Sexual Entities

You are paralyzed as the entities hold you down and have their way with you.
You are penetrated by man or ghost and can’t stop it, no matter your efforts to stop it.
Your every move is out of your control. Walking, undressing, laying down, the complete sexual act with others, happens even though in your mind you are screaming for it to stop.
You are like a puppet on strings, and have no ability to stop or control.
You feel shame after it is completed.
I have lots of experience healing in this area and I can help you with these problems. Please feel free to contact me to be free of these sexual entities and sex ghosts. I free you through entity clearing and Energy healing.

My rate is flexible for those who cannot afford my full price. I do not want you to live with this for any longer than needed!
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