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Solutions for Pedophilia, pedophile, and minor-attracted person issues

I am an Energy Healer and I have a great deal of experience freeing people of all sorts of issues. You can read the testimonials from my clients elsewhere on this website to get the reassurances that you need. I do know what I am talking about and can give you assurances that whatever you are going through is open to change. I will help you to heal pedophilia through spiritual and energy healing and entity removal.

Many of my clients have come to me for many issues. These issues can involve literally anything and all have one thing in common. They are embarrassing to the client and something that the client is very motivated to be free of.

I read this National Post article on Sept 26, 2012 and knew that there are a whole lot of people out there who are seeking help for pedophilia, pedophile, and minor-attracted person issues but are unable to find the help they are looking for. I believe that I can help, and can in fact free you of this entire problem, just as I freed my previous clients of their own issues.

Please believe me when I tell you without reservation that Dark Spirits and Dark Entities manipulate you to have these desires. Try not to discard this out of hand. Albert Einstein had this to say, “We still do not know one thousands of one percent of what Nature has revealed to us.” Well spirits and entities are part of the 99.999% of Nature we do not understand. These spirits and entities will attempt to attach onto anyone in whom they can find vulnerabilities. This is how you came to have them… they found your vulnerabilities and latched on.

Most times this happened at a young age. You are not alone in having this problem; spirits or entities affects much of society in different ways. Society are usually totally unaware of it.

I have found that when I remove the Spirits / entities, the behaviour / urges / compulsions / desires that they were fueling go with them. This has nothing to do with sexual orientation. This is only about a compulsion to be attracted to young children. Therefore, if that is what you would like to be freed from, then you have come to the right place.

I prefer, and I expect you would as well, that we only refer to this condition from this point onward as “a compulsion”. This way we can communicate by email all you like and you will be indistinguishable from all my other clients. You can read my page on compulsions to see that most clients do likewise. Ideally, I would not know which compulsions we are working on, only that we are working on compulsions.

Women can be entity manipulated too

“It started when I was 18, I was so horrified by pedophilia I started thinking about in obsessive way. I could sense something twisting and warping my thoughts. Luckily they always stayed as thoughts. Then when I was 27 I started buying energy healings from Audwin. He and the Holy Spirit wiped clean my mental slate, and now I can walk past children in public without feeling uncomfortable. It never crosses my mind anymore. The entity trying to manipulate me was pulled away. Thank you Audwin, Thank you Holy Spirit! It’s a priceless gift to never have to worry about hurting a child.”

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