Business Clearing - get rid of all negative energies!

The Energy of your business will determine the very success of your company. People respond favorably or are repulsed by the energy of your business. Do you want them to be drawn to you, or pushed away?

Your business energy good or bad will extend into your Marketing, Advertisements, and your Website. Even your email energies and your phone lines.

Once cleared Businesses experience greater sales and greater employee happiness.
Customers will experience a lighter happier feeling, and be more welcomed energetically.
I do all business clearing remotely; there is no need to visit your property. I work on businesses all around the world with solid results.

Cost: $400

Business clearing


  • Negative Energies From Previous Businesses
  • Stagnating Business, No Deals, Deal Failure
  • Negative Thought Forms, Energetic Blocks
  • Vortexes And Portals
  • Clear Your Business Before Or After You Move In
  • Remove Blocks To Making Money.
  • Larger Businesses and locations are done by quotation
  • Site visits are possible at a quoted price


  • A decrease in the effectiveness of your website is a solid indicator of bad energy on your site
  • High Bounce Rate
  • A drop in conversions
  • Your Site statistics should help you see when your web site needs clearing


  • It is highly recommended that the principals each have healing done to Remove Blocks To Making Money.
  • I recommend the 4 weeks of healing energy package for each principal
I charge $400 for this service. Use the button below or e-transfer to get started. A series of photos of the inside of your business is helpful.

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