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Ghost Clearing Testimonials - hear what my clients say

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I moved into an apartment building which I found out later had a ghost in it. It felt like a man. This guy would not leave me alone, and became a really big nuisance. Thanks to Audwin and his work, he is gone. I am so happy to have my place to myself.


I contacted Audwin because of knocking in my house. It was so clear, loud, and unexplainable that I knew it had to be a ghost. Since Audwin did his work, there has not been any more knocking. I am glad that whoever it was got the help that he or she wanted.


I would get cold chills and goosebumps running up one or the other side of my body. Audwin explained that it was a ghost standing beside me. How is that for a reality check. The good news is that Audwin helped the ghost move on. As a result, it hasn’t happened since. Thanks a lot Audwin. I recommend you to everyone who needs your help.


My ghost was really active… things would move, and I heard footsteps all the time. It sure makes you believe in ghosts when all this weird stuff is happening around you. I am really happy I called Audwin. He and his Angels helped me completely. Audwin was so nice and easy to work with. And best of all, he got the job done. Thanks Audwin.


Audwin, since you did your work, I feel so great. I am not feeling drained anymore. And now, I get so much more done. I wish I had known years ago that it was a ghost that was disturbing me, and that a healer as powerful as you was available to turn to. I can’t thank you enough for how much you have helped me.


Thanks Audwin, I’m so glad I found you!


We had a family member pass away, and we could feel her presence around the house. We contacted Audwin and, thankfully, he helped her go into the Light. I am so relieved- words cannot express my gratitude. I am so happy that the Angels came for her and helped her make the transition.


My family and I moved into a house with problems. Little did we know it at the time what was really going on. It turns out that the whole neighborhood was filled with spirits and ghosts. I came to recognize that something was not quite right because people on that street were having such bad luck.

Audwin worked on the entire neighborhood. As a result, it now feels so much lighter and happier. My neighbors walk around with smiles on their faces. The changes that have taken place are so profound. I have total appreciation for you, Audwin. I only hope that other people discover what a difference you can make in their lives. You sure made an enormous difference in my life.


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