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Compulsions are usually rooted in an entity that is itself addicted to that behaviour. Entity clearing can heal compulsive, addictive behaviour. Many behaviours that people experience are described as compulsive behaviours. Compulsions can be about anything. 
Compulsive thinking. Repetitive words, thoughts, or ideas that constantly repeat in your mind.
Compulsive actions, desires. Urges that you have trouble resisting. Usually to get you to do something.
I have placed compulsive behaviour in my Entity Clearing section. This is because compulsions are almost always, if not always, rooted in an entity that is itself addicted to that behaviour, thought or action. Usually the entity is trying to manipulate you into the same behaviour, thought or action so that it can get its “fix”. Entities can manipulate our behaviour and our thoughts.

Our confusion comes from believing that it is a problem with ourselves, instead of correctly placing it as an entity problem that we are plagued with.

If you truly wish to be free of your compulsions then I would be very glad to help you.

The average time for healing compulsions is 2 months of energy. Some may take longer depending on how deeply rooted the compulsions and the entity(ies) are.

Many people are embarrassed about the compulsions they toil under, if so there is no need to tell me which compulsion you are dealing with. In contacting me just refer to your issue as “a compulsion”… that will allow us to do the work and still respect your privacy.
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