Energy Healing and Entity Clearing
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Audwin Trapman
USA | Canada | Worldwide
2024- 23 Years Experience!

Ghost Removal for your Home or Business! Any location in the World.

I have a proven record of accomplishment for removing ghosts in your house or business.  By working directly with Angels who are the ones who engage with the ghosts and spirits to remove them.  I simultaneously send healing energies to heal the root causes of why the ghosts like being in your home or business, and change its energy so that it is no longer a place they desire to be.

If you believe you have ghosts, or have seen or heard the paranormal activity of ghosts, I can help you. 

How Do You Know If You Have A Ghost?

You Feel There Is An Unseen Presence Around You, Or “Something Is Just Not Right.”
You Can See Something Or Catch A Glimpse Out Of The Corner Of Your Eye.
You Get That “Cold” Or “Creepy” Feeling
Your Dog Or Cat Intently Looks At Something That You Cannot See, And Can Get Agitated.
Hearing Things, Particularly Knocking Or Footsteps.
You Always Feel Drained Of Energy.
Things Move Without Explanation.
One Of Your Deceased Family Members Is Attached To You And Does Not Move Off The Earth Plane Into The Light.
Alcohol Or Drug Addiction, Or Suicidal Thoughts Challenge You
You Struggle With Depression, Anxiety, Or Manic Depressive Mood Swings.
You Experience That A Family Member Or Friend Is Controlled By Unexplainable Anger, Addiction, Mood Swings, And Or Suicidal Thoughts.
Alternatively, You Are Buying A House, And You Want To Clear It Energetically.
Ghosts can and do learn to manipulate the environment that they are in. They often do this to get your attention, as they are often trapped there, so it is the same as calling for help. As they learn to move things, knock, make footstep sounds, or any other thing that they do, they find that it helps them to feed off your energy to recharge their energy levels. This can leave you feeling unexplainably drained. Pushing your buttons, sending you into extreme emotions, like anger or fear, can give them a substantial boost in energy.

Ghosts Removal is very needed in the World

The need to clear ghosts has been a long-standing problem throughout history. They are so common that if you move a few times at some point in your life you will be living in a house with a ghost in it.

Ghosts are spirits or deceased people who have lost their way, and need help to reconnect with the Light.

They are mostly harmless, and are frustrated and desperate to be free of the home or location they are stuck in, and that is why they want to get your attention so desperately. My experience is that these stuck spirits experience such joy and happiness at being released that they usually cry tears of happiness as they are freed.

On the other hand, some ghosts like it in the home they are in and are reluctant to leave. We give them counseling to help them see that their true happiness comes from returning to the Light.

There are also ghosts that simply wander from house to house, staying as long as it serves their purposes, and moving on when it does not.

Many wandering ghosts are looking for energy sources, or to tap into the people living there for sexual thrills, or to try to satisfy their various addictions (if the people are vulnerable). These ghosts often attach to you to try to manipulate you.

Fundamentally, most ghosts are afraid of returning to the Light, or refuse to believe they are dead. This short circuited the normal transition process back to the Light, and caused them to be stuck as they are.

Why My Approach Is So Successful At Clearing Ghosts

Removing ghosts is usually very straightforward and they rarely if ever return. The Angels taught me to allow the Angels to do the talking with the ghosts. They are experts at counseling spirits that are stuck. The Angels and I will provide healing energies to the ghosts and rehabilitation services so that they can resume their place with their family and friends who have transitioned before them.

I do this remotely, and in this way I can work with any person anywhere in the world. By working with the vibration of love and the power of the healing Angels, I am able to permanently remove ghosts. The Angels take away the ghost it and does not return.

My success rate is such that I know without a doubt that I will be able to help you.



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