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Grey Aliens And Their Connection to John of god.

As an Energy Healer I have spent a fair amount of time from February 2014 onward removing J.o.g and Reptilian contaminations from people who went to Jog or sought his healing long distance. This page is to share with those interested and particularly other healers that their is another connection that needs to be removed to really free people from the Jog experience. That connection is the Grey Aliens.

As with most of my insights this comes from actual work experience with clients and then confirmation with the Angels that work with me. I believe that the Angels guide me to these healing sessions and insights.

Over the course of 2014 it became clear that some clients just weren’t shifting and being freed from the Jog contaminations. I knew I was missing something. That something came to me from two other healers who mentioned the exact same feedback to me within days of each other when working with me to free them of Jog. The feedback was that they were experiencing Grey Aliens, and Grey’s Negative Energy, around them when they were focusing on the removal of the Jog contaminations.

To make a long story short, the answer that I was missing was that the Reptilians had enlisted the Greys as their “follow through agents” to finish the work on their behalf. The Greys became the primary Beings affecting people so focusing on Jog and the Reptilians was not sufficient as they were in the background by this time. I believe it would be accurate to say that the Reptilians and Jog entity are only 20% of the contamination. Once they hand off the work to the Greys the Greys take over almost the entire project of contamination… which would make the Greys 80% or so responsible.

We are now including the Greys in our work. We will see how this goes now that this piece is being included.

I wish you all well, and I would be very happy to help free you from your own Jog contaminations, including the Reptilians and the Greys.
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