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I am, always have been and always will be thankful for everything you've done for me. To be honest if I had the funds to do so I would continue with you and probably never stop.

I am beyond thankful for you Audwin and I appreciate all you've done for me!!

I started in a scary situation. I was beyond lost and very confused/concerned/worried. In literally less than 24 hours from first contacting you you turned things around for me greatly!!

Where I am now is in a completely different place and that's because of your healing and your guidance. I still have soo much to learn but that's obviously how this just goes.

Thank you Audwin!!


I feel totally blessed to have found Audwin. I have actively been on a healing journey for 24+ years. During the course of my healing process, I worked with just about every type of healing practitioner available: psychiatrists, past life therapists, hypnotists, rolfing, intense body work, network chiropractics, shamans, energy healers, practitioners who remove entities, along with a myriad of healers who used a variety of techniques. In total, I worked with over 100 healers. The healing I received absolutely enabled me to heal and move forward. However, since I contacted Audwin, and with Audwin’s kind, compassionate and caring help, I am accomplishing results which are nothing short of amazing. I am thrilled with how I am moving forward. I truly believe that the love healing energies Audwin sends are the most powerful healing available. I believe anyone who works with Audwin is blessed to have the privilege of working with him


Our (young adult) son has been waking up on his own in the morning, well before he ever has in the past year. He is showering, getting up by setting his alarm and responding to it independently, with eagerness to go to work. He is more engaged in thinking about his work tasks each day. I have seen much less to almost no lethargy, especially in the morning. He tells me that he is feeling good and that he is surprised that he is able to get up early and on his own in the morning. He seems a much stronger and more confident person now. He is happy most of the time, he sings or hums to himself once in a while, he jokes around with his siblings again. We are thrilled with the path that he is currently on, Audwin. Thank you so very much for your help and support, Audwin. We are seeing great improvements with our son, and we are very pleased and continue to have positive hope for his future.


Hi Audwin, I’m very happy to tell you I feel MUCH better. Since the very first day you started to work on me, I could feel the difference… I wanted to thank you as well for your kindness and humanity as well as your quick response, you don’t know how many people I had written and this treat I only found in you. So thanks, its wonderful when somebody loves their work and they do it with full heart… What I have to say is that I feel much better, again with my energy, my smile… You have saved my life, I’m not joking.


Thank you for your time and energy. You have changed my life. You have brought life back into my life. My daughter and I are happy and healthy and well. enjoying this life together. 🙂 Love and light

S. C. 🙂

I want to thank you for sending me love energy throughout these past months. It has helped me tremendously. As I’ve mentioned before, when I look back to where I was and where I am now, I can see how much I’ve healed. There was a time when I felt like I was living in hell but today I can say that I am no longer there. I can say that I’ve been to hell and back. I feel like I’m standing on the other side of that horrible experience. I am not exactly where I want to be but at least I am not in that dark place I used to be. I can honestly say that I survived one of the worst if not THE worst situations I could have ever experienced. Thank you so much Audwin for what you do. I am not sure where I would be or what I would have done without you. I never thought I could get better but I have. Take Care and God bless you.


Audwin, what you do is priceless. You have been a channel of God’s love to help me at this time in my life. I would say the hardest time in my life. I believe that something wonderful is trying to emerge through all this.


Hi Audwin, I wanted to let you know I have been feeling vibrant, buoyant, positive and ‘stronger’ again. Thank you for your healing help–it has made a huge difference. I feel like I am changing everyday for the better. Thank you. PS. You are truly a gifted healer….


Audwin is a genuinely caring, compassionate healer with a true gift for connecting us to the Light and Love that is our ultimate destination on this life journey. He is devoted to helping others, and I have experienced tremendous shifts in myself and my family since he has been working with us. In this pivotal time of shifting consciousness, Audwin is a guide and a ‘transformer’, able to help you shift with grace and confidence to greater freedom, peace and joy.


My family and I have been working with Audwin for quite awhile now and he has brought a tremendous positive energy into our lives. The Love energies and Angel work has opened up many blockages and brought a peace and clarity to our home. Audwin is completely trustworthy and he is able to clear things with love and great skill which is an enormous gift. This Love brings safety and Grace to our family. Thanks Audwin.


It was a whirlwind month. I met Audwin at the right time. After a lifetime of family dysfunction and unresolved trauma with my parents, Audwin’s energy helped to dissolve a lot of anger and resentment between me and my mother. I was also able to stand up to my father and not let him control me. I was able to find a new apartment easily, and let go of unhealthy relationships. All of this occurred within four weeks. Thank you for the healing.


Audwin you have been a tremendous help to me. Thank you again – it means a lot to me.


I am doing fantastic! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. God Bless You Audwin.


This was the most uplifting and healing experience. Audwin’s work of healing my negative emotions and helping me get through a really hard time in my life has changed my life in a positive and wonderful way. Audwin’s work is such a wonderful experience and I recommend his work to anyone in need of healing. Thank you Audwin, my journey is now going in a great direction.


Dearest Audwin, on this day full of grace and gratitude (Thanksgiving) I wanted to extend an extra special thank you to you. You have been the ray of light which cracked open my dark shroud enabling me to see once again.THANK YOU. I am very grateful I opened my laptop and typed “energy healing in toronto” and you popped into my life and accepted me as a client at no charge. WOW that is the kind of kindness one never forgets I still say some prayers everyday. and my mother and I speak so fondly of the power and protection the prayers deliver. I do believe the light is ousting the darkness within me. I am aware of miracles everyday now. This is a beautiful thing. (EVEN my ex-husband’s demeanor and attitude have shifted and for the first time in over a year he is acting with thoughtfulness. MIRACLE.) Thank you Audwin, from the depths of my truest self, thank you so very much.


My daughter is one happy girl. I can hardly believe the change in her. She said good-bye to her therapist yesterday, who couldn’t believe the massive change in her over a short period of time. And really… it is all because of you, Audwin. Thank you. In deep gratitude


I highly recommend Audwin and his work. While Audwin was working to clear my issues and entities I began to feel more myself.. authentic and true to who I really am. It often felt a bit like I had reverted to who I was as a child, that authentic more carefree and less inhibited person. Throughout Audwins’ process, it felt sometimes like I was a foreigner to myself and I was surprised by my reactions and how I expressed myself, but it felt so much more real. These surprises in how I reacted are no longer strange, but a part of who I authentically am now. This is what makes me feel so good, happy to be alive and more loving towards myself and others. Thanks again Audwin!

HEATHER in Holland

Until I worked with Audwin I have never been able to pursue my true potential and only felt fear & doubt mask my mind. I had lost trust in people who have promised to help, but have only abandoned me. Audwin freed me of negative energies that impeded my path & showed me that pain can serve a purpose for my personal growth and helped heal it. Audwin sent loving energies to help enlighten me spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. I highly recommend that you work with Audwin and Daily: Be Patient, Believe in yourself, & have Faith. Let this be the time you let go of your fears, as I have. Ask for help- you will see change- you are not alone. Audwin, I am eternally grateful that the world has been blessed with a kindred spirit such as yours.


From the time that I contacted Audwin, I had already felt uplifted with a ‘knowing’ that this was exactly what I needed at this particular junction in my life. Throughout the four weeks, I felt ‘carried’ and ‘lifted’ and watched myself feel lighter, clearer, and more balanced within myself. What I understood from this experience of connecting with Audwin and his collaborative healing work with the Angels is that when you take the step and decide to offer yourself the gift of healing, you receive exactly what you need at the level where you need it. The beauty with this process is that you do not need to figure out anything. You can simply let yourself be and watch the transformation happen. I have experienced different healing modalities and I can say that this ‘modality’ is immediately effective and transformative. Audwin, I am grateful that our paths crossed. I have a deep appreciation for your path and the Blessings that you and the Angels bring into the lives of those you encounter.


I find Audwin very clear and easy to work with. Without judgement, he has helped me with problems, and opened up my perspective to a new loving thought process. What a blessing!


I left an abusive work situation and was having trouble breaking out of a pattern from the past. I didn’t want more of the same . I decided to work with Audwin to help shift the energy and within a few weeks I had three phone calls in one day for potential positions. I start my new job on Monday and I will be working with kind, respectful, smart people in an environment that inspires and stimulates my art. I am excited and joyful to step into this new chapter of my life. Thank you Audwin, wholeheartedly


I had gone to Audwin about my eating disorder and a growing dependency on a few glasses of wine everyday which I was unable to control. After a week of Audwin’s healing work on me, I found myself eating healthy, not drinking, and walking despite the cold weather. I have always believed in the power of love but this is truly amazing.


When I met Audwin, I wasn’t sure that i was convinced of his abilities to help people deal with and get over their issues. At the time, I had problems focusing on my work and thinking clearly. This resulted in more stress and lack of self esteem. That’s when I decided to contact Audwin. When Audwin started to work on my issues, I felt like a whole veil was lifted off me. Within a month, I noticed that I was more focused and more confident about my self. There were days, that I felt like my old self, unfocused, frazzled and lack of self esteem, however, as time passed, those days became less and less. Now, I complete what I have to do during my work day with time to spare and I feel better about my self. My worrying and anxiety has gone down tremendously. I am as optimistic now as I was in my 20s. Thanks Audwin for all your help. I am now a believer.


Dear Audwin,It’s true that Love Heals all. We feel much better than we have felt in years. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


I think that with healers like yourself who work at a full distance where there is only email contact, and without scheduled tune-in times, that it is very easy for a client to get make huge strides but attribute it to other factors—chance, something else that’s going on, their own efforts exclusively, etc. And the ego is quick to jump in with an “the emperor wears no clothes” mentality, when you are busy changing their life on a life-changing level.

Secondly, it seems to me that you are also the kind of healer who is not very into “story”— in the way of many a non-dual type 🙂 —so people who love “information” are also not getting that. I’m one of those “information seeker” types—but I am logical enough to see that my life is 100% better than it was a month ago—so I can live with some mystery. 🙂

My point being that you probably deserve a lot more gratitude then you get, and thank you for your service to others and thank you for working on me at such a deep discount.


A great big HUG with much gratitude to you Audwin, for the generous love and healing that you are sharing with me and my family. Since working with you, we have experienced deep rooted negative family patterns surface and effortlessly transform. I see how I’ve held myself back from the full experience of life and now I sense a lightness in the air leaving me excited and hopeful. Your healing gifts are a huge benefit to our world and your services are highly recommended. You are awesome. With love


Our 4 week process has come to an end, and I want to thank you soo much for all your help, patience, guidance and sharing your energy and your healing gift with us! :blush: Things shifted in the right direction for us 🙂 I’m glad my boyfriend and i are on the right track! Thank you so much once again for everything…take care.


Sincere thanks to you Audwin for your healing over the past month. I have my Son back and he is getting stronger by the day. Thank you!


I had the privilege of receiving Audwin’s healing energies for 6 consecutive months, and I have made great strides towards wholeness in that time. I feel much more present and I am optimistic about the future. Most importantly, our work together has given me a sense of inner-strength and resolve, enabling me to face my demons and take back control of my life. I am deeply grateful to Audwin, and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone in need of deep and transformative healing. Much love


I’m doing great! I feel very energetic and beautiful! Thank you so much for the wonderful healing. It has brought in huge changes in my life and I feel so positive about my life and myself. Thank you thank you thank you for all the healing Audwin!


I am deeply grateful for the sacred container that you create with your work… The energy field that permeates my daily life and relationships creates a powerful acceleration of clearing on a sustained basis, which I have not experienced despite decades of healing work.


Overall I’m more centered and impressed how many things have changed. 🙂
Thank you so much!

A. M.

Hey Audwin,

I am doing overall very well.

Things are WAY different than when we first started.

I have had so many good things come to me and my life is definitely taken on a new shape.

I am on the right track to breaking through some old barriers in the coming months and really setting a foundation for my life to come.

Thank you for all the work that you’ve done for me. I feel that it has significantly improved my life.


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