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Audwin Trapman
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2024- 23 Years Experience!

Psychic Attacks: Curses, Hexes, Spells, Demons, Black Magic, and Voodoo.

Curses, Hexes, and Spells are real.  So are psychic attacks!  I channel Pure Light Healing Energies to heal you! I channel the Energies of the Angels, Divine Father, Christ Consciousness, and Holy Spirit to heal and transmute the Darkness contained in all Dark practices used against you. I remove all Psychic Attacks, Curses and Spells, Hexes, Ancestral and Karma issues affecting you and your family. I work Worldwide, for all families and all issues, as Healing has no limitations and can travel anywhere the same as if you are standing in front of me.

Curses, Hexes, and Spells are very common, especially in some cultures, and anywhere that Voodoo, Witchcraft, or Black Magic is practiced, by whatever name it is called. These are also very common in Western Countries as these practices are brought over from other cultures.

It is used to control you, or to take things away from you:

Take away your good fortune, and give it to the black magic practitioner or their customer.
Take away your health, vitality, and youthful good looks, and give it to the Black Magic Practitioner or their customer.
Take away your happy relationships, and marriage.
Control you into falling into love with a person you don’t actually love. When the Black magic is removed you quickly realize you don’t love that person at all. You have been controlled by Demons.
Evil black magic can cause you to be so drained that you die. This is known as Psychic Attack!
They often place cursed objects in and around your home and property to lock in their black magic spells and curses. If you feel better when you are not home then that is a big clue.
Black magic practicing parents often use black magic to control their kids. As an adult, you will still need to remove what was done to you when you were under their control as a child.
To make their spells, curses, and hexes extra strong they capture and bind Demons to you, with orders to enforce their spells!
Clients often pay these practitioners for specific outcomes, whatever their desires are. Many are jealousy based. Whatever intention they place against you can have a spell and Demons locked to it to achieve.
Often those trying to heal these Black Magic psychic attacks, curses, spells and hexes are attacked by the Black Magic practitioner who put them there, as they monitor their spells… and the healers lives can be ruined by the overwhelming attacks. Some healers have died trying to help those afflicted by Black Magic. This is why most healers do not want to touch this kind of healing, as it can turn into a battle for their very survival as they get attacked by Black Magic themselves. I help healers in these predicaments a few times a year, as they frantically try to solve the attacks placed on them.

Even an Ordinary Person can place less powerful Curses, Hexes and Spells.

Curses and Hexes and Spells are very real and do exist, especially if performed by a Master. But in fact any thought that is given enough strength of focus can make itself manifest in the World.

Evil Eyes are when someone looks at you with strong negative emotion and that emotion and thought register against you at that moment. They can be random and can happen very quickly.

A hex or curse can also be created when a person wishes harm on someone else hard and long enough. This results in the infliction/projection of that thought on another human being. The degree of strength of these thoughts is the difference between Hexes and Curses, with the curse being more intrusive.

When the ability to manifest our thoughts is placed in the hands of a practitioner who engages with Darkness, you have Black magic, Voodoo, or other Occult Practices. Spells and Curses apply to any of these practices when they purposely have you in their sights for their evil work.

WICCA and Other “White” Practices

Women in particular are attracted to Wicca. Which they believe to be of the Light. But anytime spells are employed, or ceremonies are used to achieve an outcome, then it is Black Wicca. The Light has no need to ceremonies or spells… only the Dark requires those.

As well, any ceremonies that take place under the moon is a Dark ceremony. Worshiping the moon, or rituals taking place during full moons are all Dark based.

There are two very real truths that operate in the Universe… the first is that the Sun will purify Darkness, place any object in direct sun light and it will be cleaned of all Darkness in it. Which is why it is called “The Light”. The truth is that Darkness cannot survive the brightness and purity of the Sun.

The second truth is that Darkness can only survive in the Dark. In fact Dark Beings thrive in the Dark, which is why it is call “The Dark”. It is the Dark places in your home where you will find the Darkness… in your basements, under the stairs, under your beds, and in your closets. It is also at night that Darkness comes out to play. It is also at night, often under a full moon, which has powerful energetic properties, that Dark Ceremonies take place. It is also well known to any police officer that the crazy people come out during a full moon: It is because their possessing entities love the full moon.

Any Ceremonies, including Wicca, or other New Age ceremonies, that take place under the full moon are Dark. Here is a question… can the same ceremony be conducted at noon in the full magnificence of the Sun? If not then doesn’t that make you think why not?

If you participated in these ceremonies, then chances are very good that you have Darkness, spells, and enchantments attached to you just by virtue of you being there. These need to be cleared.

PAST LIVES, Ancestral Curses and Demons

Many of the problems which are affecting us in this lifetime can be traced back to past lives where we suffered the results of a Dark Practitioner placing a negative hex, curse, spell, or other darkness upon us. These past life hexes and curses and spells follow us to all future lifetimes until they are cleared.

Demons come into play when the Dark Practitioners enlist the help of Negative Entities to make the darkness affecting you as powerful as they can arrange. These demons also stay with you for multiple lifetimes until they are removed by a healer like myself.

These are typically called Ancestral Problems, because they follow the family line. Most often on the fathers side. Curses sworn against your family as a person dies are particularly powerful. Ancestral problems usually fall on one member of the family to resolve, and it is likely you, as you are the one reading this and trying to find the solution. The burden is yours by choice. Often you decided before you were born to take on this responsibility on behalf of your entire family line. Often this is your second of more reincarnation into your family. Demons are often attached to these past life Ancestral Curses to really make you and your family suffer. It is the suffering that the curse is required to cause, and often it is a lot of suffering that you have to experience before the curse can be seen and lifted. The fact that you are reading this tells me that you have reached the required amount of suffering and the curse can now be lifted and healed.

Permanently clearing hexes, curses, spells, evil eyes, and demons from your life are what I do for you.

Why I Am So Effective At Clearing Dark Energies

I work directly with the Light and only the Light. I work with Angels of Light to completely heal and remove hexes, curses, demons, and any other creation of Black Magic, Voodoo, or Dark Practitioners.

You will get the freedom that you are looking for!

Clearing of Curses, Spells, and Hexes is included in my 4 weeks energy healing package.
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