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Working With Angels

We all have the ability to work with Angels, but not all of us are in fact allowing our Angels to work with us.

Many of us are blocked and in fact preventing the Angels from helping us. One of the first goals in the first 4 weeks of healing is to open you up to allowing Angels to work with you in your life.

There are three very important keys to working with Angels. These keys turn the lock from closed to open.

The first key is to ask for their help. Out loud preferably. Angels respect our Rights of Free Will and will not intervene in our lives unless asked. This one piece of knowledge will make the difference between receiving their help or not receiving their help, whether you are blocked or not.

The second key is equally important. It is the Human habit of cancelling our request for help by our conflicting thoughts and doubts. If you want help from the Angels remain consistent in your thoughts about actually receiving their help.

The third key is to ask and specify that you only work with Angels of Light, and ask specifically for the Archangels by name. Yes there are Dark Angels.  These Dark Angels try to impersonate the Light Angels.  As long as you don't engage in conversations, back and forth, with "Angels" you will be fine.  Ask for help out loud only!  It is when we listen for replies and messages from Angels that the Dark ones come rushing in to assume that role.  These imposters can be very persuasive!  I recommend calling on the team I recommend in my prayer that I give clients, as they oversee and guide the Light Angels.
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