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The Body Snatchers book, and her experiences with John of god.

by Susan Reed BSC

You can find this book on the Internet if you wish to read it. She clearly had experiences with Jog and was attacked because of it. She had a limited understanding of what was going on but she does offer third party validation of the reality of seeing Jog. Her Jog experiences were limited and are only a small part of the book but they were very negative.

Here is a very small excerpt from her book.
“How the entity from the John of God healing treated me is absolutely diabolical, I went there for healing and to join forces with a reptilian to harm me is disgraceful. …the John of God psychic surgery centre wrecked my life for a year.”
I would also like to remind you that Entities love to take on names that fool us. John of god is a clear example. John of the Reptilians would not attract people to receive healing… and the contracts, vows, oaths, allegiances, and implants that go with the healing after all. In her book she mentions another Entity at the Jog healing centre whom she calls Mary Magdalene. This is clearly another trickster name, so please don’t associate this name with the Bible in any way. The entities at the Jog centre do try their best to maximize their marketing… they have lists of entities that work through Medium Joao and the names they chose for themselves all appear to be well respected. It is important to not fall for names, anyone can call themselves anything
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