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Being Cold! This Can Be Caused By Entities Attached to you, or Draining Your Energies

Are specific parts of your body cold? It is likely that you have one or more entities that are draining you of energies, removing your Energies so you become cold for lack of your own inner strength. Your bodies battery is drained and empty! This includes cold hands, and arms, entire bodies, heads, feet, or any body part.

If it is an occasional occurrence, or goosebumps, then often it can be an entity or discarnate just standing close to you, which is actually fairly common.

If a specific body part is cold, for example a right foot or shoulder, then those cold spots are the locations that the entities are attached to you.

Being Cold over your whole body is an indicator that the Dark Beings are taking your energy to feed themselves and to grow stronger. This is often accompanied by Foggy Brain, and inability to take action.

So there are two categories of cold spots… the first is attachment, their actual location on you, and the second is where they are wholesale draining your energies.

The second ones show up very clearly during an actual healing session, as the entities need to draw upon the energies of the client to resist being removed. The entities strengthen themselves at the expense of the client. The simplest way to tell is needing to wear sweaters when everyone else is warm!

Here are some descriptions provided by clients on what they felt

Coldness in chest. Having to wear sweaters to stay warm.
Deep rooted chills throughout body
Cold hands, and arms. One or both hands/arms.
Cold legs, below the knees, feet and soles of feet.
Hard to think, or take action, no energy.
Cold spots on skin
Being cold all the time
Draining can happen at any point on the body, including shoulders, back, ect.
One of the strongest signs of being energy drained is when you are close to orgasm and you feel an energy lay down on top of you, or subtly slide on top of you, or beside you or envelope you. It can be confused with sexual energy because it happens as your sexual energy builds, but it is for sure an energy outside of your own. These Beings are there to use your sexual energy for their own purposes.
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