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Spiritual Meaning of Being Cold!

Caused By Entities and Demons Attached to You and Draining Your Energies!

Being Cold in spots on your body, feet, shins, or hands, are classic entity attachment spots. They drain and feed off of your energy. They won't stop until they are removed. Are specific parts of your body cold? It is likely that you have one or more entities that are attached there and are draining you of energies, they take so much that you actually become cold, and even shivering in your own home. Your bodies battery is drained and empty! This includes cold hands, and arms, entire bodies, heads, feet, or any body part.

If a specific body part is cold, for example a right foot or shoulder, then those cold spots are the locations that the entities are attached to you.

Spirits will continue to drain you until they are removed!

Being Cold over your whole body is an indicator that the Dark Beings are taking your energy to feed themselves and to grow stronger. This is often accompanied by Foggy Brain, and inability to take action.

So there are two categories of cold spots… the first is attachment, they are actually attaching to you, and the second is where they are wholesale draining your energies.

The second ones show up very clearly during an actual healing session, as the entities need to draw upon the energies of the client to resist being removed. The entities strengthen themselves at the expense of the client. The simplest way to tell is needing to wear sweaters when everyone else is warm!

Here are some descriptions provided by clients on what they felt

Coldness in chest. Having to wear sweaters, and use extra blankets to stay warm.
Deep rooted chills throughout body.  Shivering!
Cold hands, and arms. One or both hands/arms.
Cold legs, below the knees, feet and soles of feet.
Hard to think, or take action, no energy.
Cold spots on skin
Being cold all the time
Draining can happen at any point on the body, including shoulders, back, ect.
One of the strongest signs of being energy drained is when you build up sexual energy and you feel an energy lay down on top of you, or subtly slide on top of you, or beside you or envelope you. It happens as your sexual energy builds as they want to feed off of your sexual energy.
During these unpredictable times I have adopted a pricing policy of asking whatever amount is affordable for you.  You get to choose the amount.  What is important is that you get the help that you need.

Humans Can Also Drain Your Energies. Knowingly or Not!

Many people are familiar with the idea of cords between people.  Cords can exist between any two people, even if they don't know each other well... but especially if you do know the other person well or have been in a relationship with them.  Most cords are harmless or can even be beneficial.  As an example, we can tune in to the other person through our cords and know when they are in trouble or not.

There are also cords that are not helpful to you.  These cords take from us.  And most often they take our energies... our life force.  When you get around someone and you feel tired and exhausted after meeting with them then you know that that person drained you of your life force energies.  Likely without them even knowing they were doing it, and would very likely be surprised if you told them this.  This is called unintentional Energy Vampirism, or being an Energy Vampire.  It is a reflection of their Soul needing healing.  But it is also a consequence of your Soul feeling obliged to give them your life force energies.  The solution to this is to heal your Soul so it is no longer giving away your life force energy to others.  Your Soul is supposed to work for your benefit, not necessarily to feed others out of some obligation of misunderstanding.
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As an Energy Healing Expert I Heal these Energy Draining/Being Cold issues!

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