Being Cold And Why This Can Be Caused By Entities Draining Your Energies

Are you cold often? Especially when others around you are warm?  It is likely that you have one or more entities that are draining you of energies for their own purposes.  This includes cold hands, and arms, entire bodies, heads, feet, or any body part that is being accessed.

Over the many years of doing this healing work I had several clients complain about being cold.  I didn’t think much about it actually as at the time I thought that it was not a factor, so I continued on as I was.  Often it can be an entity or discarnate just standing close to someone, which is actually fairly common. But now I have been conclusively shown that cold spots on people’s bodies are the locations that the entities are attached to them. Cold feelings overall are fairly serious indicators that the Dark Beings are taking the energy away from the clients.  So there are two categories of cold spots… the first is simple attachment, and the second is the harder variety where they are draining the energies.  It is the second type that is the hardest to remove, and often resist removal entirely until this is known.

The second ones show up very clearly during an actual healing session, as the entities need to draw upon the energies of the client to resist being removed.  The entities strengthen themselves at the expense of the client.  For example one of my clients needed to have the heat in the room turned up to 28c/82F and still needed to have a wool blanket put on her to stop her from being cold during the sessions.  This went on for several sessions and was one of the biggest reasons I was able to finally get what was being shown to me by the Angels about energy draining activity.  The more my energies worked on her the colder she became!  Ultimately the solution lies in healing all the energy draining activity first before trying to remove the entities.

Here are some descriptions provided by clients on what they felt

  • Coldness in chest
  • Deep rooted chills throughout body
  • Cold hands, and arms.  One or both hands/arms.
  • Cold legs, below the knees, feet and soles of feet.
  • Goosebumps
  • Cold spots on skin
  • Being cold all the time
  • Draining can happen at any point on the body, including shoulders, back, ect.
  • One of the strongest signs of being energy drained is when you are close to orgasm and you feel an energy lay down on top of you, or subtly slide on top of you, or beside you or envelope you.  It can be confused with sexual energy because it happens as your sexual energy builds, but it is for sure an energy outside of your own.  These Beings are there to use your sexual energy for their own purposes.

For healers who are reading this, there is another phenomenon in which the client feels cold energy being sent to them by the healer.  I used to ignore this concern as unrelated to Dark Energies, but now I believe that cold energies being felt by the client are likely a sign of contamination of the healers energies by Dark Beings.  The healer will have to have this cleared to be free of this Darkness.  See working with Dark Energies page for further explanation.