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I went to see Audwin for an entity problem I was having. I am a very sensitive person and prior to was learning a lot about astrology, numerology and other spiritual things. I was hearing negative voices in my head, feeling very cold, drained, depressed and anxious. There was constant intrusive thoughts about me and my relationship that was causing a great amount of suffering. Everything I had learned was being used against me in a negative way. Audwin was so very generous in helping me and always available to listen and offer helpful guidance when I needed it most. I felt understood when most people didn’t understand and he helped me see that I needed to become more aware of my thoughts and feelings and control what I was thinking and feeling. I feel so much more in control now, hopeful and very grateful for all his help and guidance in my time of need. It was very dark during that time and I am so very thankful for his calming presence and assurance.


Thank you Audwin for all of your support. I believe I have made a substantial improvement from 4 weeks ago. You helped me in so many ways, I can’t thank you enough. This was a very serious topic for me, and no one around me believed me. I thought I was losing it. I am very glad I have rediscovered my sense of self, and love for life. I still love saying the prayers, and I do believe they will continue to help me grow in a positive way. Thank you for your kindness, understanding, and prayers. It has been life changing. I am eternally grateful.


I have been consciously aware that I have had entities for the past 5 years. For anyone who has entities, you will know that it is extremely difficult to get rid of them on a permanent basis. In my attempts to free myself of entities, I have worked with a large number of energy workers. Prior to working with Audwin, the results were disappointing to nonexistent. In addition, the healers tended to lose their commitment to providing help when they did not achieve a permanent clearing. Audwin stands apart from any other entity-clearing healer I have worked with. He is genuinely committed to a total resolution of the challenge. He truly cares about providing tangible help and support. Most importantly, the love healing energies he provides through the angels is definitely the most powerful healing available. I consider myself most fortunate to have found Audwin. I have benefited from his services, and I encourage anyone who suffers with entities to benefit from the amazing healing he offers.


I have had a number of unhappy experiences with entities. Prior to being helped by Audwin, I have worked with a number of energy healers and shamans. While a good shaman is able to remove the entity, they are not focused on removing the affinity to the entity. For me, this meant that in the space of two years, I had to receive help for each new entity that showed up in my life. This was both costly and frustrating. Audwin works with love healing energy from angels which is a much more powerful form of energy. Audwin and the angels work to both remove the entity and change the affinity so that the removal of entities is permanent. I am so relieved. The results are miraculous. I encourage anyone who is struggling with entities to benefit, as I have, from the amazing help Audwin provides.


What do you do when your 21 year old son comes to you, and tells you he is hearing voices, and he thinks he’s possessed. It took me a while, but I finally believed him. I found Audwin, and I am so happy I did. Audwin healed the affinities and removed the entities (there was more than one). My son is no longer complaining about voices and claiming to be possessed. I can feel a calm around our house now that wasn’t there before. I think Audwin is the real deal. He sure helped us.


My husband became an alcoholic out of nowhere. This went on for 15 years. As a result, I was at my wit’s end, with no idea how to improve the situation. Audwin told me about entities, and how they can manipulate someone into becoming an alcoholic. I was really skeptical, but I was also willing to try anything. Audwin worked on my husband for several months, and I began to see continuous improvement. I am ecstatic to say that I have my husband back. He is now sober, has a joy for life, and is engaging in the world again. I am keeping my fingers crossed, but for the first time in years, I have hope again.


Audwin, since you did your work, I feel so great. I am not feeling drained anymore. And now, I get so much more done. I wish I had known years ago that it was an entity that was disturbing me, and that a healer as powerful as you was available to turn to. I can’t thank you enough for how much you have helped me.


Thanks Audwin, I’m so glad I found you!


I can’t believe the change I feel. For the first time in years, I feel great. Wow. I guess I did have entities. The change is so dramatic. I wish I knew that entities can drain our energy. I get so much done in a day now that I have to laugh with wonder and surprise at the realization. I think Audwin is great. He has helped me so much.


My brother has improved over the past month. He is no longer acting angry and crazy, and is also talking to himself a lot less. He has been a lot calmer and friendlier and is spending more time around us. He is still a bit depressed and sad, though, but seems more happy than a month ago. He is starting to seem a lot more like his old self, kind and sensitive.


Hi Audwin

I would like to let you know how much you have helped me overcome an entity situation that I was having.
This all started after my beloved mother past away and I tried to talk to her using a method called automatic writing.

I did not protect myself and then my nightmare began, so i would like to share my story to warn other people what can happen when you delve into things you know nothing about.

I did not think of the position I was putting myself in.

I started to experience flashing lights, and furniture moving on their own, a voice that was claiming to be god, and things went from bad to worse! I began to experience extreme physical pain. It felt like something was applying pressure to my body, causing extreme pain,- then it felt that something was applying pressure to my throat making me fear for my life. It affected every part of my life including going to the toilet.

Two voice seemed to now know my entire life, and everyone that I know, and constantly filled my head with rubbish. This went on for 7 years, it effected my whole life, my relationships, and my health. I went from being a strong hard working happy person to this. I did start to question my entire life.

I tried to get help from the doctors who put me on medication and diagnosed schizophrenia. I tried the treatment, but the medication was life threatening, and didn’t stop the entity. If anything things got worse.

I knew this wasn’t just in my mind and the pain was real. I tried everything, even getting the local priest to come in and try remove the bad spirits in the house. I decided to look for an alternative.

After a lot of research I found Audwin. I told my story and Audwin understood what was happening to me and it was not that I was losing my mind. Audwin give me reassurance.

Audwin explained that he could help me and advised me how to deal with the situation with prayers and a healing tone while he sent healing energies. At last I had found a reason for what had happened to me I was so relieved my prayers had been answered. I had found help and I realised there was some justice.

I can’t thank Audwin enough! He is a gifted healer. Where would I be without him. He is a kind and compassionate person. I owe him my life. I would not like to think where I may be today without Audwin and the healing from the Devine Grace .

When you are being abused mentally and physically by a non human that can torture you from the spirit world, this takes some believing what is happening to me.

I started to follow the instructions and used the healing tones and Audwin sent me prayers and healing energies. The effect was not instant but the battle with the entity is being won. As per Audwin’s instructions I cleansed my home with smoking white sage which removed stagnant and negative energy. I am not there yet but I’m getting there with Audwin’s healing.

I now feel less physical pain the voices are lower and i don’t have as much interference with my possessions (phones etc).

There is a fee, it is reasonable. Anyone who seeks help should have no fears about contacting Audwin

Thank you Audwin


OK! Hello I’d like to start off by saying thank you Audwin because of you my life has returned back to normal I can enjoy time with my children again before I came across Audwin’s website I was in so much emotional pain as physical. The spirits had taken over my thinking abilities an functioning to keep going, now I see my children smile happy to have their mom back. I can’t thank you enough maudlin for returning the real me back to my family and friends for a long time I thought that I could never be happy again but it wasn’t true. The tones to listen to keep the spirits from attaching to me an kept them from bothering me. Happy to know the spirits are not able to reach me knowing that my vibrations are higher. Coming from where I was it is a pleasure to have worked with you Audwin. Thank you again and again.


OMG thank you! I work with over 10 Healers and Entity Removal. And I only seen progress with you. When we started I had about 8 ghost around me and waking me up at night. It’s not that many anymore more. And they don’t come around as frequent as they use too. That’s excellent progress. And I believe you can get rid of the Entity attachment. I’m following all your directions. I have hope with you.


Hello Mr. Trapman

I am happy to let you know that I feel as though emotionally and spiritually I am living my best life … I can say with utmost certainty that am healed thanks to your incredible gift, your kindness as well as your thoughtfulness. The recommended prayer has become my daily mantra and oh what a blessing; the healing tone is also a constant.


Testimonial Of Hearing Voices
This testimonial is an important one because I get many many calls from people who hear voices, and can be diagnosed schizophrenic. This is an accurate picture of our work together and I really appreciate Tina sharing this with all of you.

“Just a quick note to let you know how much you have helped me to overcome an entity situation that I was having. I was experiencing a great deal of hearing voices to the point where the doctors had diagnosed me with schizophrenia. I was trying to take some medicine that they gave me and it had so many side effects, I just couldn’t even bother to take it.

I knew there had to be a reason for this. I am 45 years old and never had problems before with mental illness, and to the point of being schizophrenic. I still was able to handle my life .. pay bills and take care of myself but the voices were talking to me all of the time. It was affecting my ability to enjoy life as they were a bit abusive at times and making me question everything in my life. Since working with Audwin, I have learned that these voices are really what is called a psychic attack from opening up to being more psychic which I had been doing. I had started to channel higher energy vibration, and I had not learned how to protect myself from the lower level vibrations and entities that pretty much hang out at one level above Earth, which can be very dangerous to tap into if you lose control. The entities that are in this lower vibration energy can have very dark thoughts of fear, guilt, shame, anger, resentment. Often it is a lost soul that has recently died and is confused and has not made it to the light.

Some of the voices were also talking to me about specific things in my life that I had refused to look at in detail. This was the confusing part. They knew so much about me and my life and my fears and areas of where I beat myself up. Audwin quickly knew what to do to help me. Since the first day of him helping me, I started to feel better instantly. I could feel the veil lifting so speak and could feel that things were getting better. Audwin gave me prayers to say anytime that I was feeling bad and told me to say them at least 3 times per day. Those prayers were the only things that made sense when things were getting out of hand.

I now know that the prayers help to create a team of angels and helpers in the spirit world that build protection around you. The more that you say it the stronger your aura becomes to not be subjected to this lower vibration energy that can be rather dark. I also learned through Audwin that you need to stay grounded when things like this happen. Eating the right food for your body and taking dead sea salt baths can also help to ground you to Mother Earth and help you to stay in your body so that you are not being subjected to these type of psychic attacks.

Audwin is a gifted healer and is very patient with situations like these. He knows exactly what to do to assist you in clearing the entities and lost souls that are trying to communicate with you. Ultimately, everything happens for a reason and there is a reason why we attract these situations. Audwin also helped me to understand that and to not blame the entities for their part in this. I would recommend Audwin to anyone that has a situation where they feel like lower level vibration is taking over their life. His services come at a reasonable fee which is also greatly appreciated for those that could use the extra help and may not have a great deal of money to spend.

Thanks so much Audwin for your expertise and wisdom and compassion. I could not have done this without you. You truly were a lifesaver to me!

Thank You”


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