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Voices Commanding You, Telling You What To Do!

Voices Controlling your day to day activities

I have many clients who hear voices.  These clients start out thinking that those voices are there to help them.  Over time these voices are obeyed more and more, to the point where the client won't leave the house, take a shower, brush their teeth, or even go for a walk or go shopping without permission from the voices.  They become alone and isolated from their friends and family.  Inevitably these people end up being entirely dependent on these voices... and lose their God given right to free will, because they become locked in to the voices guiding them and coaching them.  

It may be years and lots of pain and suffering before these people realize that these voices are not their friends.  The people who are convinced that these voices are in fact their friends can be the hardest to help, as they may refuse to believe they are mistaken... and most importantly the voices have isolated them so much that they feel and believe they would be entirely alone if they got free of the voices/their friends.  Apparenly for them it is better to have an evil friend than no friends at all.  With energy healing the voices will be revealed for who they are, and it is important for these people who are being lied to to recognize this or else they will constantly be longing for their friends to return to them.  Once they correctly see these as evil entities controlling them, then they can let go the need to have them in their lives.

Voices telling you to do evil things

Voices in your head telling you to kill, rape, lie, steal or do harm or any other negative behavior is almost certainly an entity, ghost, or demon that is manipulating you with your own thoughts.

Are you being hounded by thoughts that just won’t go away to do something you know is really bad? Yet these thoughts just won’t go away. This is what entities, ghosts and demons do. Unfortunately this is very common.

This also includes sexual assault issues, choking sex play, violence in sex, or any Fifty Shades of Grey behavior.

Rage and anger are often tapped by entitiesghosts and demons to get their way and this is often why people explode in anger and rage, and commit crimes of passion.

If you have a voice telling you to do evil then get all the help you can before you lose your self control. I am one option for you to get help.

Psychiatry and medical doctors are another.

The key is to be free of the entities though, as they are the biggest part of the problem. I would be happy to help you.
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