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How Do You Know if you have an entity attachment or spirit attachment? Your life will tell you!

I hear from Entities, Spirit Attachment clients all the time how “I am their last chance” before they give up, as they have tried all other Entity Removal, healers for negative entities out there, and often have spent all their money with no results or successful spirit release.
I believe that what I do is different from everyone else because I have succeeded in removing those entities and releasing those spirits where other healers have not. I am only satisfied once your LIFE HAS CHANGED!!! Your life should change when the Entities are gone, if the suffering is continuing then they are still there. Real life changing healing should be the outcome, nothing less.

Why My Approach Is So Successful for Entity Clearing and Spirit Release

The only way to permanently clear an entity out of your life is to heal the root causes/affinities between the person and the entity or spirit in your energetic field, and most importantly to your Soul. Once there are no longer any anchors holding the entity in place. The entity has no choice but to leave.

As a Healer and entity removal expert for Negative Entities and spirits, I do this remotely, by sending High Vibration Love Healing Energies every day for 4 weeks, flooding you with Healing Light to achieve entity clearing and spirit release! By working with the vibration of Love, the Holy Spirit, and the Power of the Healing Angels, my spiritual team and I are able to permanently clear affinities to the entities. The Angels who work directly with me take away the entity or spirit. Once the affinities are healed, these entities do not return.

Many people think they are imagining the Entity manipulations and attacks, and that it is all in their heads. It is not, it is real! They can affect your life, your mind and your emotions, and of those around you. And really understanding that you are under entity control and manipulation can change your life. These Beings only get away with it because they are invisible. You can be free of them.

How Do You Know if You Have An Entity Attachment or Spirit Attachment?

Entities and Spirits Attachments have many common symptoms:
Voices Speaking To You In Your Mind, Some Are Cruel, Some Pretending To Helpful
Your Emotions Are Manipulated, Causing Anxiety And Stress, And Emotional Outbursts.
You Feel There Is An Unseen Presence Around You, Or “Something Is Just Not Right.”
You Hear Knocking, Footsteps, Doors Opening Or Closing, Things Moving Inexplicably, And Other Demonstrations And Other Attention Seeking Activity.
You Feel Cold Spots, Have Goose Bumps, Or Chills. These Are The Entities And Spirits Near You.
Unexplainable Pain, Especially The Neck, Shoulders Or Back.
You Are Cold When Others Are Warm Because Your Energy Is Being Drained. Read More Here
You Can Feel Them On Your Body. The Lower Legs Is A Common Place For Entities Or Spirits, As Are All The Chackras. Head, Arms, Hands, Back, Sexual Locations, Anywhere Really.
You Get A Strange Inappropriate Feeling Of Happiness When Something Bad Happens.
You Have Trouble Getting Along With Other People And You Push Each Other’s Buttons. Other People Do Not Enjoy Being Around You. They Also May Walk On Eggshells Around You For Fear Of How You Fly Off The Handle Out Of The Blue.
You Can Smell Sulphur At Times.
You Experience “Hands” Around Your Throat Chocking You, And Sometimes It Blocks Your Ability To Breath.
You Struggle With Depression, Anxiety, Or Manic Depressive Mood Swings.
You Have Unexplainable Heart Palpitations.
You Have Compulsive Thoughts, Behaviour, Desires, Or Impulses.
You Find That Despite Your Best Efforts, You Are Not Getting Results With Psychotherapy.
You Have A Deceased Family Member Who Is Attached To You By Not Moving Off The Earth Plane Into The Light.
Children Are Afraid Of Certain Rooms Or Areas.
Dogs And Cats Stare At The Unknown, And Can Be Manipulated.
You Have Nightmares, Or Bad Dreams, Night Panic, And Can Even Be Sexually Molested In Your Sleep. The Spirits And Entities Are Entering Your Dreams And Space As You Sleep.
You Have Trouble Sleeping. Just As You Are About To Fall Asleep, An Energy Surge Forces You Wide Awake Again. The Entities And Spirits Like It When You Are Exhausted, As They Have Easier Access To You
You Have Trouble Thinking, And Can Experience Brain Fog.
You Have Trouble Taking Action. You Sit And Accomplish Very Little With Your Days. Not Showering Or Taking Care Of Self, Ignoring Personal Hygiene.
You Hear Fear Inducing Voices Speaking To You, And Even Telling You What To Do.
You Are Feeling Blocked, Held Back, Cursed Or That You Have Bad Luck.
You Live A Life Of Isolation. Anxiety Can Pop Up Instantly To Stop You From Going Out.
You Live In A Basement! Often This Is How The Entities First Get In To You. Entities Love Basements!
You Have Suicidal Thoughts. Entities And Spirits Love To Cause Suicides.
You Are Challenged By Alcohol Or Drug Addiction. These Are Typically Dead Humans Who Have Not Passed To The Light, And Are Trying To Experience The Addiction Through You.
You Have Unexplained Blockages In Your Colon. (A Common Area For Entities To Reside).
You Experience That A Family Member Or Friend Is Controlled By Unexplainable Anger, Addiction, Mood Swings, Or Suicidal Thoughts.
Interfere With The Running Of Electrical Appliances And Circuits, Cell Phones And Computers, Lights, And Smoke Detectors.

The Truth About Entity Clearing and Spirit Attachment

Entities and Spirits are life forms that see you as their property, and usually want to cause harm, pain and suffering. They feed off your energy, and leave you feeling drained and unsettled. Although there are excellent healers and shamans who are successful at clearing entities in the short term by “sending them into the Light,” the reality in most situations is that the entities almost always return.

Why Do The Entities and Spirit Attachments return?

The reason for this is that when an entity or spirit is present, there is always an energetic Root Cause, an affinity, between the person and the entity- there is an energetic/magnetic link or connection with your Soul, even a dependence. This can result from unresolved issues related to present or past lives. Many entities and spirit attachments follow us lifetime to lifetime. You can also get new ones in this lifetime as a result from a weakened Auric Field, and emotional state (abuse, anger, rage, anxiety, fear, stress, addictions, malnutrition) whereby the entity is able to access holes in the Auric field. Having sex with people who have entities is very common way to get them!

Many People with entities often no longer have free will; the entities often tell them what to do. They typically live lives of isolation and live in fear and constant anxiety. Often they are under psychic attack and emotional attack, and threats are made of bad things happening if the entities are not obeyed. These types of entities need a gentle approach to healing as the person who is afflicted can have quite high anxiety.

My success rate is Very High, EVEN FOR THOSE WHO GAVE UP HOPE!
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Demons and Djinn are other categories of invisible Beings harming you, and they often come with Black Magic

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