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Dark Energies

Dark Energies

- Why almost all Healers work unknowingly with Dark Energies

I am having this conversation with more and more people so it became clear to me that it is time to write how the Dark also heals people and how they can impersonate the Light.

It is a dangerous assumption to believe that just because healing is going on it must be the Light that is doing it. Actually that is a false belief.

The truth is that the Dark are more than happy to provide healing to people, often quite dramatically. The unstated goal is then hooking into the Soul’s and life paths of those fine healers unknowingly to work with them and the people receiving healing. The Dark Energies feel just as powerful and often very pleasant to the Healer channeling them. This makes the healer totally believe they are working with the Light, and resist the information on this page.

This is the dynamic that is presently going on on planet Earth. The Lightworkers are working to free the Earth and its people of Darkness. Simultaneously the Darkness is working to entrap those Lightworkers and the people asking for healing. Both the Light and the Dark know that it is a mass consciousness shift. The Light is totally and unequivocally shifting the consciousness of the Planet to the Light and the Dark is resisting it. Once a certain consciousness level is reached then the Earth and all its life will shift to a higher dimension or Ascension.

The Dark has been forming a spiderweb of hijacked Souls. These are its means of trying to stop the Light by using profound and substantial healing and healing activations as an enticement to Healers and clients.

Most people have no idea that their Soul has been bound by invisible agreements with the Darkness. They just continue on with their lives thinking all is well and good. Until of course they try to remove the Darkness, and then the Darkness makes itself known.

This is and was the exact awakening that I had to free myself from the Darkness that I had unknowingly surrounded myself with. I have seen it many times since in many of my clients and other healers.

Here are some common Dark Beings that do healing (with Dark contracts attached) and even impersonate the Light:

Dark Angels
Lords Of Karma, Lords Of Entities
Angel Impersonators: Elohim (Not Elohim With The Capital E).
Archangel Michael Impersonators
Grey Aliens.
Annunaki Aliens. (Also Will Impersonate Angels)
Reptilian Aliens.
Ancestors. If Your Ancestors Are Still Hanging Around Then They Are Stuck And Have Not Returned To The Light Yet.
Over 10 Other Alien Species.Humans That Have Passed On, And Retain Their Identity From Earth. True Ascended Masters Are Few And Far Between And Are Acknowledged As Such By Other Light Beings And The Archangels.

The Dark is often able to do profound healings and here’s why:

They Don’t Respect Our Free Will To Ask Or Choose And Will Do Whatever They Want To Us, Anytime They Want. The Light Would Never Do Anything That Was Not Asked For Or In Line With Our Highest Growth And Learning.
They Know That You Will In Turn Spread The Contracts On To Others If You Are A Healer And Do Healings For Others. This Includes Passing On Healing Abilities To Other Healers Through Activations As These Dark Beings In Turn Start To Work With Them. (To Work With The Light The Journey Is One Of Healing Our Separation From God Issues, The Light Never Just Hands Us Or Passes On Healing Abilities).
The Energies They Use Are Dark But Still Can Be Used For Healing And Transformations. Those Energies Are Easily Confused With The Light Healing Energies Because They Often Feel Just As Pleasant And Powerful.
They Bind You With Multiple Dark Contracts In Return For The Healings They Provide To You So They Are Very Motivated To Do This Exchange.
If you don’t know who you are working with and are just doing healing then by default it is the Darkness that you are working with.

So back to healing activations. Say you attend a weekend seminar, or levels of classes and during that seminar or classes you are given an Activation. If after the activation you can suddenly and spontaneously start to do healings for other people the question has to be asked… where are those energies coming from? Who are you working with really? Why can you suddenly do healings? You have done nothing to earn it, no personal healing or shifting.

With Reiki in particular the activations are done by drawing symbols over various chackras, especially standing from the back. They sink into your body and become embedded… the “Master” doing the activations usually asks you to close your eyes… saying those symbols are secret and you have to become a master to know them and use them on others. Any Symbols used on you are a huge warning! The Light never uses symbols, or does activations. Only the Dark has symbols, or activations, or initiations. Think black magic ceremonies and how they are conducted and you will not be far off. The only difference here is that the appearance is all Light and benevolent and loving. Such fine, caring, loving people are tricked into being Reiki practitioners/Masters and accepting Dark Symbols and activations into their Soul and core. Reiki will one day be revealed to be Dark. That day cannot come soon enough. People stubbornly hold on to the conviction that all healing comes from the Light, and that is what stops the truth from being seen.

Journey From Dark To The Light

This is a journey we all have to take. No one starts off on Earth 100% in alignment with the Light. The default position therefore is that we all start off forgetting that we are Beings of Light, and on a Soul level work with Darkness as it is our only other choice.

We all have registered abandonment and betrayal issues against God, His Angels, and the Higher Beings that work with the Light. Until these issues are healed we all resist the Light with our full Soul power and survival instincts. Again all that is left to us is the Dark. It is a slow and arduous journey for most of us to return to the Light. This takes many lifetimes.

We bring forward the issues and challenges of previous lifetimes with us as we reincarnate. We also bring forward the degree of Light and Dark that we had stopped at in our last lifetime. As we progress through our lifetimes we ultimately become lighter and lighter until we finally reawaken to the truth that we are Beings of Love and Light.

As we experience this journey we must consciously separate/free ourselves from the Darkness.

I had to learn this through experience, no one taught it to me, so it is no surprise to me that this may be news to a lot of people. The Dark does healing that in some cases can be considered miraculous. As mentioned they do this for the access to your Soul that it gives them and in many cases the healing is real and effective.

I believe the lack of general knowledge that the Dark does healing too is the #1 reason that they have gotten away with tricking people for so long. People so want to believe it is the real God or a Being in alignment with the real God actually doing the healing! So they give healers an automatic pass and assume they are working with the Light.

This is only my humble opinion but I think this is also the reason that people shrug off or discard all the horror stories that have been coming out of the John of god Casa for years. They say to themselves “well… see the healing that is taking place, so he must be working with God.” And then they turn a blind eye to the horrors. They even continue to take tours of people to see for example Jog. They are so convinced that they are helping in the real God’s work that they block out the Dark truth that is right before their eyes.

The DARK DOES HEALING! Healing is NOT an indicator whatsoever of working with or oneness with the real God. Get used to that idea please, it will save you much grief over the long term.

Healing Activations

Healing Activations are not something to be done without being sure of what you are getting into. There are many Dark Healing energies that use activations to find their way into people and their healing. Any time someone else can do an Activation on you and you suddenly have healing powers it is suspect energies.

We ALL have separation from God issues. If we didn’t we would be Christed, an Ascended Master, or a Being of a much Higher Dimension. If you are not one of those then guess what – you still have separation from God issues. In other words you are still on the path from Darkness to the Light.

So with that as the frame of reference how does the Light help us progress on our journey?

We earn it. Every Step of the way.

We earn it by healing ourselves of all that is not of the Light. By doing so we get clearer and clearer and find our way Vibrationally and in consciousness back to the Light, and God. This is typically a slow process involving many years.

The same is true when we choose to become healers. We start off separated from God and because of those separations start by having trouble connecting with His energies. We may have a little come through or more than a little. It is however only by healing and being healed of our separation from God issues that we become able and willing energetically on a Soul Level to channel more healing energies that are of the Light. It is not that God denies us His energies, it is that we have blocks and resistance to accepting them ourselves. We stand in our own way out of fear and abandonment issues and much much more that happens on a Soul level. The Soul, Subconscious Mind, and the many levels of our existence are what block us from working with Light Energies. So this is the journey, to heal all of that so we can allow ourselves to accept Light and Love energies.

So back to healing activations. Say you attend a weekend seminar, or levels of classes and during that seminar or classes you are given an Activation. If after the activation you can suddenly and spontaneously start to do healings for other people the question has to be asked… where are those energies coming from? Who are you working with really?

We now know that healing ability is gained by clearing Separation From God issues first and foremost. If you suddenly have healing abilities without dealing with any Separation from God issues, you therefore still have separation from God issues and all the blocks that come with them. This leaves only one source that they could come from: The Dark side of the Energy Spectrum, where Separation from God issues just don’t matter and can be skipped over.

So be careful of accepting Energy Activations, or even going to any seminars or classes offering to activate you and spontaneously turn you into a healer. You may become a healer, and do wonderful and satisfying healings, but you will also on a Soul level be accepting contracts, vows, oaths, and agreements that give the Darkness control and Dominion over you and your Journey. The Darkness always has their own agenda. In pursuit of that Agenda they are more than willing to do healing for people and through people. There is however, much in the background that you or your clients are not being told about, and that is all these contract, vows, oaths and agreements.

Getting free of these Contracts, Vows, Oaths, and Agreements is difficult. It usually need the help of someone who is already free himself or herself. There is Light at the end of the tunnel of Darkness. But overall you would be far better off not getting into those difficulties in the first place.

The urge to believe that all healing comes from the Light is hard to fight against. This must be fought for you to find your freedom from the Darkness. You will not be able to take action to free yourself until you make this mind shift.

I wish you strength and determination in your contemplations of all that you are learning here. Heart Activations.

LIGHT Energies, and How To Work With The Light

As discussed in the previous page all people start off their healing journeys working with the Darkness and sending Dark energies.

It is the process of reincarnation that is the Journey from the Dark to the Light.

Various sources say, and my Angels confirm, that Jesus took seven lifetimes of reincarnation before he achieved the state of enlightenment known as being Christed. We remaining Humans have experienced far far more lifetimes than that and are still on the path back to the Light.

The Light knows that Planet Earth is a planet of Duality, a place Dark and Light. The Light knows that we incarnated specifically on Planet Earth so that we can experience Duality.

Imagine someone deciding to run a marathon, preparing for it and seeing the growth that will come from running it. They then set off and face the very real and arduous challenges of actually running it. Then suppose a van pulled up and just yanked that someone into it and drove him to the finish line and crossed it with him in the back of the van. Did that someone actually run the race and gain the growth and benefits that the journey was supposed to bring? Nope. Not one bit. For that exact reason the Light does not go around pulling us into their van and delivering us to enlightenment and doing all the work for us. The Light are the ones on the sidelines giving us encouragement and passing out water bottles and advice, but no more. It is our race to run.

Free Will is one of the biggest gifts that we were given on our journeys. The Light will never override your Free Will. For that reason we always have to ask the Light for help. Until we do they will observe us and not intervene. Much suffering by default continues for this reason. Many people lose their way on the race and circle and circle the block for this reason.

The Dark Beings are the other half of the picture. They are running along side you with their arm protectively around you, saying “there there everything is alright, you are doing great” as you run around the same block over and over again, lifetime after lifetime. Earth is a place of duality after all, they too have the right to be here, it wouldn’t be duality without them.

So how do we start to work with the Light?

We start by asking for the Light to help us.
We specifically ask for Beings of God’s White Light only to work with us. (Remember the Dark impersonates the Light and are known as the “tricksters” for a reason.
We recognize that we are surrounded by Darkness as our default position, and that our journey is to free ourselves of the Darkness. We must be willing to release many of our false beliefs and judgements.
We must without exception heal our separation from God issues, betrayal by God issues, and other issues related to those, which are plenty and seemingly inexhaustible, and which ultimately keep us from working with the Light.
As we progress on this Journey we must ask the Light to clear our Committees and Councils and Guidance of all Dark Beings that have guided us and from whom it is time to be free of. This may take years and should be done regularly.
We must be freed of, or much harder, free ourselves, of all the Dark Aliens, Dark Beings and Entities who have implanted us and have contracted us into servitude to them.
This is how it is supposed to be. This is how the Earth was designed. We are running the race on a course that is challenging and arduous but will bring us the rewards as we proceed along it. The more we follow these suggestions the fewer wrong turns we’ll take and the shorter from this point onward the journey will be. The one thing that is clear is that we won’t cross the finish line as long as we are still in some way connected, contaminated, or unknowingly working with the Darkness.

I highly recommend that all healers monitor the amount of Darkness that they are working with. Remember that you started with 100% Darkness and that you are slowly increasing the amount of Light you are working with. As you increase the amount of Light these number will change for example: 60% Dark & 40% Light, (or 70% Light & 30% Dark) etc. until you get to 100% Light. The more Light you have the more accurate your numbers will be. If your answer is 100% Light right out of the gate then you are being tricked, misdirected, lied to, by the Dark and your numbers are mostly Dark still. You will likely need someone else to tell you your numbers, as long as that someone else is working with a high degree of Light, to avoid being tricked and lied to.

There is only one way to be freed from Darkness and that is to heal all the root causes for them being there in the first place. Otherwise they will always return. It is by healing all the reasons that Darkness is there that we find our way back to the Light. Healing Darkness is basically the road map back to the Light. They are effectively shining the Light on all your separation from God issues as they are taking advantage of each and every one of them. Heal all your separation from God issues and you will accelerate your return to the Light.

I say daily prayers to be free from all imposters. They can also come and go so we always have to be on our guard. I always keep my vibration very high as that is the best protection of all from being tricked, misdirected, or having imposters return. I say return because until the Darkness is actually removed by healing. They can and will find ways to stay with you even in a higher vibration state.

The Dark is here to stop our return to the Light, and they devote all their energies to that. The greatest fear the Dark has is that we will start to live in our hearts. That is the ultimate end to our challenges with Darkness. It is our ultimate goal, and must be accomplished either in this lifetime or a subsequent one, the choice is yours when you will do this.
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