Life-Changing Distance Healing | USA and Worldwide!

True Deep Healing!

Cost: $200

Home Clearing – get rid of all negative energies

I clear you home or business of negative energies, ghosts, negative thought forms, vortexes and portals.

I do this remotely.
Negative Thought Forms
Vortexes And Portals
Clear Your Existing Home Before Or After You Move In
Clear The House To Make It Easier To Sell
Previous House History Of Divorce, Anger, Disharmony.
I do all house clearing remotely; there is no need to visit your property. I work on properties all around the world. This clearing is stronger and deeper than simple smudging.

I charge $200 for this service. Use the button below or e-transfer to get started. A photo of the outside of your home is helpful.

I look forward to helping you.

Property Clearing USD

Property Clearing CAD

10 minute free phone consultation

Toronto / New York Time
USA/CAN Toll Free
lets start
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