Cost: $200

House clearing, house blessing

Home Clearing – get rid of all negative energies

I clear you home or business of negative energies, ghosts, negative thought forms, vortexes and portals.  

I do this remotely.

  • Ghosts
  • Negative Thought Forms
  • Vortexes And Portals
  • Clear Your Existing Home Before Or After You Move In
  • Clear The House To Make It Easier To Sell
  • Previous House History Of Divorce, Anger, Disharmony.

I do all house clearing remotely; there is no need to visit your property. I work on properties all around the world. This clearing is stronger and deeper than simple smudging.

I charge $200 for this service. Use the button below or e-transfer to get started. A photo of the outside of your home is helpful.

I look forward to helping you.

Property Clearing USD

Property Clearing CAD