Sexual Deviance

      - Entities, Ghosts, Demons Sexually Assaulting You Or Manipulating You

- Entities, Ghosts, Demons Sexually Assaulting You Or Manipulating You

It is possible and very common, that entities, ghosts or demons sexually assault you or someone you love. It is also possible for these spirits to manipulate you or someone you love into behaviour you or they would not normally want to do.

I get calls from frantic girls, boys, Mothers, and adults who can tell that something is manipulating them into being sexually promiscuous, exhibitionists, and sexual deviance of all types. They can tell that these spirits are taking over their will power and forcing them into these situations. I have found that when the entities, ghosts, demons are removed these urges for sexual deviance stops. This is a real problem out there. These spirits are taking over the lives of innocent people for their own deviance which they are acting out through the person.

Sadly, it is also common for these entities, ghosts and demons to attempt penetration of their victims. Often they energetically succeed. For the victim it is the same as being raped in real life.

One of the strongest signs of being energy drained is when you are close to orgasm and you feel an energy lay down on top of you, or subtly slide on top of you or beside you or envelope you. It can be confused with sexual energy because it happens as your sexual energy builds, but it is for sure an energy outside of your own. These Beings are there to use your sexual energy for their own purposes.

I have lots of experience healing in this area and I can help you with these problems. Please feel free to contact me to be free of these situations. I free you through entity clearing and spiritual healing.

My rate is flexible for those who cannot afford my full price. I do not want you to live with this for any longer than needed!

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