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Have you tried every healer out there?

I also hear this frequently, that they have tried every healer out there, and that I am their last hope, and if it doesn’t work with me then they will have no choice but to give up. The next words out of their mouths is I have no money left, as they spent all of their money on the other healers. Then I am asked to work for free… which I inevitable do, as I do sincerely want to help people.

I often think “Wouldn’t it have been great if they came to see me first?” But I also know that healing is not a straight line, and often people have to bounce around to get the experiences that their Soul is guiding them to have, be it healing, or being drained financially, and frustrated.

These people then want to quiz me to make sure I am not a scam. They say they have been burned too often to trust much anymore.

Internet Healers

While many Psychics are untrustworthy, more often money is lost by trying many different Internet healers. I hear about them too. When adding up all the lost and wasted money of not getting results, this amounts to many thousands of dollars. I have had clients who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on healers, with little result.
Here are a few rules of thumb that may help you:
Only deal with someone who has their name and photograph and address on their site. I am amazed that there are people offering entity services out there who are totally hidden… no name, no photograph, no identifying information, no map of their location. Really! You are just supposed to send them money and not know who you are dealing with. They are invisible!
Anytime someone charges more than a few hundred dollars run away from them. Entity work is not expensive and paying expensive prices for it is basically throwing your own money away with no added benefit. People often assume that if someone charges more then they must be better than the healer who charges less, not so, price is not a reflection of abilities or expertise, it is a reflection of gouging.
From my clients experience with previous “healers” they paid, all of whom evidently clearly failed to clear away the entities, there are quite a number of people out there charging for services and failing to provide the healing. Please don’t think that all healers are the same and can do the same work.

Feel safe to contact me

I live an open life. My website has my face all over it with my name right there in big letters. My email address has my name in it (not just “contact@”). My website has my telephone number on every page (1-416-902-4189 or USA/CAN Toll Free 1-888-339-5575), and when you call, more often than not I answer it. I am happy to chat with you during regular business hours.

You can hold me accountable, and I also hold myself accountable to all my clients. I am proud of the healing I offer and know in my heart that I am providing a very valuable service. My clients get results.

So I ask you to please stop sending money to people who hide their identities from you, or use fear as a tactic against you. Go with reputable healers. Then hopefully the number of sad stories I hear will go down dramatically.

Wishing you success on your healing.


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