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Audwin Trapman
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2024- 23 Years Experience!

Life Changing Energy Healing & Entity Clearing

Distance and Remote Healing serving the USA | Canada | Worldwide

  • "I was looking for help with my relationship with my family and I found Audwin. I felt as if my family was not very connected and it turned out there were entity attachments that created these issues. During the healings, I would feel warm loving energy in my heart space. Over time, I've noticed my family dynamics started shifting and we became a lot closer emotionally. The prayers and healing sounds Audwin provides are so helpful when dealing with negative attacks. I would highly recommend giving Audwin a try, especially if other forms of therapy have not worked."
    Jia C.
  • "I would recommend the spiritual healing. I am feeling much better and more myself then I was couple of months ago. I had many things taken away from me, and still continuing the spiritual healing with Audwin. I thank Audwin very much for everything and sending lots of light to me. Its definitely worth getting the spiritual healing done."
    Zach F.
  • "Audwin was able to help me release something that was coming back no matter what I tried. I was having suicidal thoughts, lot of depression, and was in a constant trauma loop. I was also healing from chronic illness at the time and his healing came at the perfect time. It was like the piece of a missing puzzle for me! I feel free, in control of my thoughts, and the best thing yet, I'm not living in fear anymore. I can't thank him enough."
    Sofia B.
  • "Audwin did for us exactly what we needed- helped our son to rid himself of the negative energies attached to him. Responsive, professional and effective. So grateful for Audwin!"
    Katie L.

Energy healing for Anxiety and Stress, Lack of Sleep, Hardship, Family, Emotional Crisis, Karmic Suffering, Negativity, Black Magic, Spirit Attachments, Entity Attachments.

Top 10 Energy Healing Issues I can help you with:
Emotional Pain And Suffering
Depression Or Anxiety
Compulsive Behaviour
An Entity Or Entities Disturbing Your Life
Anger And Resentment
Fears And Phobias
Tension And Stress In Your Life
Family Issues: Yourself And Another Loved One, Child, Parents.
A Child Who Needs Help With Any Dysfunction Causing Them Stress.

How I work

I work with Divine Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.  I channel Light energies every day for 4 weeks, to send over 20 hours of Light healing energies to you my clients! Often it takes a lot of energy to shift issues, as people are often encased in a Negative Energy cloud.  Over my many years of service, I have seen that 20 hours of energy monthly gives the best results and the highest success!

What I do is go direct to the source of the issues, the root causes of why this is happening to you. This includes working with the Akashic Records where Karma is registered.
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Energy Healing, You are strong enough
This is in contrast to many healing modalities which require the practitioner to go through layers and layers of issues, much like peeling an onion. This is very time consuming and often it does not produce the desired result which is the removal of pain and suffering.

Divine Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit, are not burdened with the Veil of Humanity and can see clearly throughout the healing process. If you want a direct pathway to permanently resolving your issues or a loved ones issues, Divine Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit, and the Healing Energies I send will absolutely be able to help you.

I have a proven track record of very happy clients all over the world who have been very effectively healed of their challenges. As a result of the work I have done with them, they have been able to embrace their joy. The same is possible for you!

Also, please have a look at what my clients are saying by having a look at Google Reviews and the Healing Testimonial or Entity Clearing Testimonial pages!
"Audwin is an amazing energy healer, probably one of the best spiritual healers out there. One who gets the results, and whose heart is truly in it. It is not always easy to find someone we can truly trust online. Audwin is definitely one of those beautiful souls who are truly genuine and are on a mission to heal. I have worked with him a couple of times, and he has had such a big impact on my life. I had been wanting to get help as I felt a total lack of energy had read that it could be negative entities. I even learned about energy myself and tried to heal myself. When I came to him the first time, after discovering his profile online, I was in a very low space. I didn't have the energy to go for walks and was having a lot of problems and pain with my feet. I was very disheartened and didn't know what to do. I had tried so many different things. He said it was entities and started to send powerful healing energies. He also gave me some tools to use, and we stayed in email contact to track my progress. He has always been totally patient and supportive, absolutely reliable, and fun to work with. I am now in a really good space, full of energy, often walking 10,000 or more each day. My energy is so high that I notice dogs and children attracted to me on many occasions and know it is a sign of high energy, high level of consciousness. It has been such a blessing to have found such a dedicated, talented healer like Audwin, who truly knows what he is doing and gets the results. He only works with the Light. I hadn´t been aware of the importance of this and now know it is key, and many healers are not aware of the importance of this and are sadly unknowingly healing with dark energies. It is also key that a healer has healed him / herself first. A healer can only ever heal anyone at the level he / she has healed him / herself. I know how committed Audwin has been to his own growth and healing. Thank You so Much Audwin!"
Charlotte.  Feb 2022

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Distance and Remote Healing serving the USA | Canada | Worldwide

Energy has no limits. Distance is not a limitation. No matter where you are you can receive the same healing as being in front of me.

Energy Healing

Things come up for a reason, and that reason is that they want to be healed. Energy Healing will resolve issues so they don't come back again.  Healing the root cause is the only way to long term healing.  Read More...

Entity Clearing

I succeed in removing Spirits, Entities, and Demons. Real life-changing healing is the only true indicator of complete healing from the Entities, Demons, and Spirits, nothing less. Read More...

Being Cold

Are specific parts of your body cold? It is likely that you have one or more entities that are draining you of energies, they take so much that you actually become cold. Read More...

Psychics, and are they harming you?

Many clients have used psychics. I advise extreme caution dealing with psychics as I constantly hear sad stories from people who lost lots of money... or were told things that made them chase a "forseen" future that never happened. Read More...

How to Recognize Scam/False Healers

The internet is full of people offering Entity Removal.  Sadly many of them are after the money people willingly throw at them with their seductive sales pitches... only to find that their life is the same Read More...

Black Magic Healers

Some healers are literally Black Magic healers and don’t tell you, but you can tell them because they use spells, and other summoning devices to get the healing done. Read More...

Ghost Removal

I have a proven record of accomplishment in removing ghosts in your house through the power of Love Energy. Read More...

Home Clearing

I clear your home of negative energies, ghosts, negative thought forms, vortexes, and portals. Read More...

Business Clearing

People respond favorably or are repulsed by the energy of your business. Do you want them to be drawn to you, or pushed away? Read More...
If it is in your awareness then that means it has come up for healing. Send me an email at today!
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